100 Fun and Easy Easter Egg candy alternatives!

Easter is coming!

One of my big challenges as a parent is to limit the amount of sugar that my kids consume.  I am truly NOT against sugar and do let my kids eat crap from time to time.  I believe that it’s better for my kids to let them have some sugar and junk food occasionally in the hope that they will make better choices when they get to that age than they would have made had I never allowed them to have junk food. However, that is a story for another time!

As holiday traditions go, I feel that there are some traditions which seem so completely sugar-crazed that it drives me a little crazy myself!

Easter baskets are one of those traditions for me.  I love the tradition of a basket and even the Easter egg hunts.  They are so much fun! Watching the kids searching for those eggs and seeing the glee and excitement on their faces when they find them brings out the kid inside me. Unfortunately, marketing focuses on candy and junk, and many parents fall into that because it is easy and accessible.

In the essence of full disclosure, I do tend to pick one type of small candy and fill a few eggs with those.  Last year it was Smarties.  Two years ago I chose mini M&Ms.  Despite that, I make a concerted effort to fill the vast majority of our Easter Eggs with non-candy surprises.

So in an effort to make it easier to add variety or steer away from candy, below is a list of 100 candy alternatives that you can use this year to fill your Easter Eggs!  Note that there are a few food options – my goal is to avoid candy overload, not necessarily all food.

Finally, something to consider is that many of these items can be found at the Dollar Store.  You may find off brands there, but the items are essentially the same.  The links I have provided below (to give you an idea of what some of these items are) are to either Oriental Trading Company or to Amazon.  Keep in mind that Oriental Trading Company can be a great place to buy items when you need to buy in bulk (which is cheaper than buying individually), and one idea that I’ve used in the past is to buy from there and use any unused items as prizes during future classroom parties. I love it when I can kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) while saving money!



  • Raisins
  • Yogurt-covered raisins
  • Goldfish of any variety
  • small pretzels
  • nuts
  • popcorn
  • trail mix
  • vanilla wafers
  • gum
  • grapes
  • cereal (Cheerios, Chex, etc)

For Girls:

For Boys:

Whether you are looking for fresh ideas to use as Easter Egg fillers, or you are wanting to avoid using so much candy, check out the items on this list and try a few this year!

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