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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas (for all students of all ages)!

It’s the time of year to show a little love to our teachers!  I don’t know about you, but honestly, once this time of year comes around, my brain is fried.  I no longer feel creative or like I even have the energy to come up with a great idea for a gift for our (not one…not two…but THREE) awesome teachers.  However, these teachers work so hard all year long to help all our kiddos, so I have a deep desire to thank them in a meaningful way.

Between now and the end of the school year,  Lisa and I will post a few ideas of teacher appreciation gift ideas that we love as well as a few end of school year gift ideas.  We hope that this list takes out some of the time and stress of figuring it all out yourself!

Here is a collection of ideas from around the web for great Teacher Appreciation gifts to give this year.  We cover the financial span, from really frugal to more expensive, so you can choose what fits your family and teachers best!  Feel free to be creative with these ideas – you can even do some mixing and matching or combining.

1) Chocolate Chip Cookies in a jar

Who doesn’t love classic chocolate chip cookies?  This gift is so easy and inexpensive (it cost me about $3.50 to make), but also timeless and delicious!  Simply layer the ingredients in the jar, print out the free printable, and tie a piece of burlap or colorful fabric on top to create this yummy gift idea from Melissa over at The Happier Homemaker.

2) Thanks for “quenching” my thirst for knowledge cup

Created by Lisa Storms, this gift is adorable, practical, and your child can include a thank you note and/or picture inside the cup. Add a couple of lemonade packets, or a gift card, if desired.

3) It’s so refreshing to have a great teacher like you!

Teachers need plenty of fluids to be able to talk to students all. Day. Long.  I love this cup from Crazy Little Projects!  It’s simple, cute, fun, and cheap!  The beauty of this gift is that it can be given on its own or throw a gift card inside or even throw this adorable cup into a basket idea (check out basket ideas below).

4) Movie gift

Tatertots and Jello (by way of Skip To My Lou) shares this fun movie gift idea.  Who doesn’t love a good ol’ movie after a long week (or school year)?

5) Hands Down best teacher

Teachers go through tons of soap and hand sanitizer each school year.  Why not give them a gift to help replenish dwindling supplies?  This adorable idea from Eighteen25 even has a free tag printable to make your job even easier!

6) Teacher appreciation gift basket

I have several teacher friends who have told me that while they appreciate and love every single gift they receive, there are only so many apple-related or coffee mug gifts they can use and keep. What would be helpful, instead, are practical gifts that can be used either in the classroom or for getting things for the classroom. Here are some ideas that can be put into a cute basket or bag along with a heartfelt note of appreciation, courtesy of ThriftDee:


7) Summer relaxation kit

Summer relaxation kit: a bag filled with flip flops, sunglasses, magazine, sunscreen, good book or two, a gift card to Amazon or Target, bug spray, floppy hat, beach towel, and maybe a bug repellant candle.  Don’t forget the handwritten note – it’s the final touch!  The bag, towel and flip flops were $15 altogether.  I had the other items already and just threw them in, making this expensive-looking gift really affordable!

Here’s another version: Movie night gift basket – popcorn, movie ticket gift card or Redbox card, candy, etc.  Use your imagination!  The possibilities are endless!

So there you go! A meaningful gift for our teachers can easily be fun and cute without either breaking the bank or taking a ton of time.  We hope you enjoy these ideas and are able to put them to use!

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