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We went to the mattresses. Mattress Shopping 2017

Saatva innersping mattress with pillowtop

Mattress shopping: Saatva mattress, credit www.saatvamattress.com

Mattress shopping

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Shopping for a mattress is all out war.  There are mattress stores seemingly on every corner in Raleigh, NC, and they’re always mostly empty.  I wonder how they stay in business, then I wonder about their markup.  I’ve always dreaded mattress shopping: at its core, it’s 100% subjective.  What I love, you may hate and vice versa.

So buying a mattress with a spouse?  That’s an extra challenge.  Add shopping with young kids to the mix?  We didn’t want to enter a store for fear of our kids immediately visualizing the mattresses as trampolines and chaos ensuing.

When we were first married, we drove to South Carolina and bought a floor- model Simmons Beautyrest.  It was a wonderful mattress (innerspring with pillow top) for about 11 years, then it began to have permanent indentations that became rather uncomfortable (common for a pillow top).

In 2016, we shopped with our children while overtired (major mistakes) for a mattress and chose based on materials more than anything – it was organic.  That mattress was a nightmare. It creaked when we touched it (it was defective) it was hard as a rock and neither of us slept well on it.  Sadly, we paid a lot of money for that mattress and we had zero recourse in attempting to return it.  So we suffered for a year and a half.  Every other mattress we slept on, from 20+ year-old mattresses to hotel mattresses, was better than ours.  Finally, we said it was time to go to the mattresses… again.

2017 Mattress shopping

I’m happy to tell you, our 2017 mattress shopping experience is vastly improved: we never entered a store!  Online matresses are all the rage now.  There are dozens of them, with various mattress types and prices.  Most of them have excellent return policies.  It could still be overwhelming, but with a little research, it’s not terrible.

Saatva innersping mattress with pillowtop

Mattress shopping: Saatva mattress, credit www.saatvamattress.com

Here were our must-haves when shopping:  a good return policy, a budget of about $1,000 (we needed a California king for my 6’4″ husband and those are always a bit more) and an attempt at using non-toxic materials.

Sleepopolis quickly became my mattress guide.  This resource really helped us make our decision.  We read all of their reviews and chose the Saatva luxury firm 14.5″ mattress.  One review pitted the $1,399 (cal. king price) Saatva mattress against the $3,700 (cal. king price) Black Beautyrest, which is the new version of what we had many years ago.  Our Saatva mattress arrived two days ago and we are in love with it, our bed is once again an oasis.  And we have 118 more days to confirm that and send it back if we don’t like it!

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, or if you should be in the market (waking up sore, not sleeping well, etc.), I encourage you to look at online mattress options and visit Sleepopolis.  They’ve changed the way we ‘go to the mattresses’, in a good way!

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  1. im looking for a mattress two i just dont know where to start

    • I wish you luck in shopping for a mattress! It can be very overwhelming. I recommend you start with defining a budget, and decide what return policy you’re willing to work with. Then go to a mattress store and lay on a few mattresses to see what’s what: pillow top, soft, firm, innerspring, etc. Decide what you like. Remember you’re supposed to lay on a mattress for 10 minutes in different positions to confirm you really like it. After that, I recommend you look at sleepopolis.com. They do a great job of breaking down the online mattress options. I hope this helps!

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