Get back the valuable hours of your day while your kids  stay happy & entertained.

Settle down with a hot cup of coffee

and let your kids  entertain themselves.

When you became a mom, no one warned you that you'd spend so much time refereeing arguments and fielding complaints. But too many winter days spent indoors can make even the calmest child start whining, "I'm bored!"  

Still, between washing dishes and folding laundry, you just can't entertain your children at every moment.  Intead of giving in to excess screen time, give your child these brain-building, winter-themed activities that are garaunteed to keep them occupied for hours!

What's Inside

  • Word Searches: these winter and holiday themed word searches will challenge your child seek and find ability.
  • Word Scrambles:   Perfect for a child who likes a challenge, these word scrambles will keep your child scratching her head.
  • Writing and Journal Prompts:  your budding writer can use these thought-provoking writing prompts to start a his next best-seller!
  • Coloring Pages: ranging from simple to complex, these seasonal and holiday coloring pages are perfect for almost any age.
  • Craft templates and tutorials: when your child needs a more exciting boredom buster, try one of the adorable craft tutorails included inside.
  • Answer Sheets:  Frustration free answer sheets will help your little one finish every last page!

What others are saying about this pack:

Heather and Nicole have totally knocked it out of the park!

"A must-have parenting hack for anyone who needs to keep a pile of kids busy when winter gets nasty out! There's something for everyone from toddlers through elementary school in this collection. Pre-readers will love the coloring sheets, but the different word puzzles, word games, and other writing activities are fun enough that older kids will actually want to DO them. (Even though they sneak in some well-designed brain-work!) Heather and Nicole have totally knocked it out of the park!"

Flossie // Super Mom Hacks

We give it two thumbs up for fun and creativity.

"My daughter and I spent hours doing these puzzles and word searches... She just couldn't get enough.   As a former teacher, I know how important it is to make learning feel fun and engaging and these ladies did just that!   We give this packet two thumbs up for fun and creativity!"

 I loved this packet! It was fun to do as a family.

"This Holiday Activity Packet is perfect for rainy days! My kids especially enjoyed the crossword puzzles, word searches and word scrambles. They worked individually on their own sheets and challenged one another to complete them! My 2 year old felt left out so we printed up one of the coloring sheets for her so she could join in on the fun. I loved this packet!  It was fun to do as a family and it kept my kids occupied on a dreary day."

Finally, get some guilt-free peace and quiet. It's time to start redirecting your child's downtime with these fun and educational activities!

About the Authors

Hi, I'm Heather!

I'm a wife, mom of 3 busy boys, and a firm believer in 2 things:

  • kids learn best through fun activities
  • moms need a break once in a while!

That's the inspiration of this packet! After spending YEARS struggling to get through the long, cold winter months, I started coming up with activities for my kids to do to keep their brains active (and keep them busy).

At Made in a Pinch, I am dedicated to helping moms eliminate the overwhelm and uncertainty we all feel through simple solutions to real, everyday problems and easy kid-approved recipes.

Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am a wife, stay at home mom, crafter, teacher, and recipe maker (plus many other hats!). I am also ‘not quite super mom’ to 4 busy kiddos.

Being a parenting it a tough job!  That's why I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Heather on this project to make your job easier.  You are going to LOVE it!  

At Not Quite Super Mom, I help parents obtain some calm amongst the chaos.  Come visit me to find organizational tips (to help you stress less), DIY activities, recipes, and great activities/printables to do with your kids to keep them active and learning

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