Worried about Summer Slide?
We've got you covered.

If you're looking for brain-building, boredom-busting activities to keep summer simple then keep reading. You're gonna want to see this.

That first week of summer is always the best.  
No more picking out clothes or packing lunchboxes.  No more rushing out the door just in time to see the bus fly by.

It's time to relax and take things slowly.

But before long, you find yourself surrounded by a big mess and a bored child.

The scorching hot sun is enough to make you want to stay in the air conditioned house but being trapped inside can get old fast.   And one too many hours in front of screen can make even the calmest kid grumpy.

It's time to get creative.

You need a solution that will keep the wheels turning in your their little heads while simultaneously entertaining them so you can actually get the laundry done today.

And believe it or not, there's an easy solution!  

Beat the Heat

Kids Summer Activity Packet!

What's Inside?

Games and Puzzles

Especially designed for a child who likes fun over learning, these activities are cleverly disguised brain-building exercises to keep your child learning.

Creative Writing Prompts

If your little chatterbox has a creative streak then she's gonna love these journaling prompts that will give her plenty of new ideas  for her  own writings.

Math Word Problems

Whether your little one is a math genius or just needs some extra practice, the word problems included in this pack are just the answer.  They include fun, real-life scenarios that will help your child develop a concrete understanding of math concepts!

Color by Numbers Pages

For the budding artists among us, these pages turn out "perfect" pictures that allow your child to be proud of the finished product.

Logic Problems

Help your child build problem-solving skills with these logic activity pages that will give your child's life skills a boost.

Journaling prompts

Teaching your child the art of jounraling is not only great writing practice, but it can also help build vocabulary and memory skills.  It also has a huge therapuetic impact for kids who tend towards anxiety.  These journaling prompts will help your little one get on the right track!

What others are saying about this packet:

"My 9-year-old wouldn’t put down the search-a-word."

"My kids loved the summer activity packet! My twin 5-year-olds and I had fun with the story sequence about Cindy and her mom, my 9-year-old wouldn’t put down the search-a-word, and even my 13-year-old enjoyed the crossword puzzles. I can’t wait for us to work through more of the activities."

Melanie Campbell  //  Educating Campbells

Melanie's testimonial for Beat the Heat Summer Activity Packet
Keala Lang's Testimonial for the Summer Activity Packet

"$4 is an amazing price for what we got!"

"We love the packet! We travel a lot over the summer, but as a former teacher I want to limit the summer learning loss as much as possible. This packet is great! My son loved the word searches and I loved that they kept him occupied but also kept his brain working. He is 6 and going into first grade, so the letter recognition in the word searches was great. We also loved the story starters. Reinforcing reading, writing and comprehension will be easy with those! 

$4 is an amazing price for what we got! Plenty of activities that kept him occupied, thinking, and learning, but also having fun without seeming “workbookish”.

Jessica Welling  //  Jessica Welling Interiors

Grab this Printable Activity Pack 

and keep your child on track this summer!

About the Creators

Hi, I'm Heather!

I'm a wife, mom of 3 busy boys, and a firm believer in 2 things:

  • kids learn best through fun activities
  • moms need a break once in a while!

That's the inspiration of this packet! After spending YEARS struggling to get through the long, cold winter months, I started coming up with activities for my kids to do to keep their brains active (and keep them busy).

At Made in a Pinch, I am dedicated to helping moms eliminate the overwhelm and uncertainty we all feel through simple solutions to real, everyday problems and easy kid-approved recipes.

Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am a wife, stay at home mom, crafter, teacher, and recipe maker (plus many other hats!). I am also ‘not quite super mom’ to 4 busy kiddos.

Being a parenting it a tough job!  That's why I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Heather on this project to make your job easier.  You are going to LOVE it!  

At Not Quite Super Mom, I help parents obtain some calm amongst the chaos.  Come visit me to find organizational tips (to help you stress less), DIY activities, recipes, and great activities/printables to do with your kids to keep them active and learning

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