35 Sanity-Saving Packing + Moving Hacks For Families

Moving with kids is hard! From selling a home to buying a new one, packing up, moving, and getting settled, bringing all the pieces together is time-consuming and stressful! Make the process of moving your family easier and less chaotic with these top family packing and moving hacks!

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I know what I’m talking about…since we’ve been married, we’ve moved 6 times! SIX! It’s not as much as some people, I totally realize that. But it’s more than a lot of people in the same period of time (13 years).

Moving to a new home is a complex operation and extremely stressful to go through without some careful planning. On the other hand, if you organize everything ahead moving can go really smoothly…and you’ll save yourself a huge headache.

Here are some of the best moving hacks and tips that can help to make the transition to a new home ACTUALLY EASY so you don’t end up losing your mind and sinking into a puddle of tears.

Even if you’ve done it all before, you’ll find tons of valuable hacks for moving here, as well as free planning and organization printables to keep everything in check and moving smoothly!

Best Moving Hacks For Families

My motto is “work smarter not harder” and it applies to moving as well. These awesome moving tips will streamline the entire process so you can avoid useless tasks and do everything in the right order.

I’m sure at least one of these ideas will have you shaking your head and wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself! Happy moving!

Tips For Hiring Local Movers from Stockpiling Moms

Finding a reliable local moving company or professional movers can be tricky, but the moving truck is a must. I highly recommend getting quotes from different companies and evaluating each moving service to see which one is the best fit for price, timing, and ratings.

Here’s everything you need to ask before you make your final choice.

Planning Ahead Moving Hacks: Save Boxes And Newspaper

If you have a little heads up that a move is coming your way, this is one of the most important moving hacks. Save your boxes from deliveries and any newspaper that you might get.

I get plenty of deliveries from Amazon, so I simply break down the cardboard boxes so they fold flat and store easily until I need them. 

Liquor stores are another GREAT resource for moving boxes! Just walk in and ask if they have boxes – they usually do! DON’T buy boxes at home depot or anywhere unless you need large boxes you can’t get for free from the liquor stores (which usually have small boxes) or Amazon deliveries.

Also, we get weekly local community papers for free – in a few weeks, that adds up to a good amount of packing paper!

You’ll also want to have paper towels on hand for spills and messes (and packing), as well as garbage bags for any throw-away items you come across.

Pro Tip: garbage bags are also great for moving clothes or other similar items when you run out of boxes (or time)!

Moving Home Planner + 6 Week Printable Checklist from The Organised Housewife

Establishing a moving timeline is the best way to help you tackle each step in an organized manner, and you’ll find all the details in this post. It also includes a practical moving planner and moving checklist that can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

Family moving binder

Declutter from Filling The Jars

One thing we may ignore when moving is what to do with all the clutter we have so consistently amassed over the years. Is it worth packing up everything and figuring it out later (or, worse, putting it in a storage unit)?

Not really…..by the time you get to unpacking in your new home, you will be too tired to want to deal with this.

One of the best things you can do is DECLUTTER and get rid of everything you don’t want to take with you. In my opinion, the forced decluttering and purging is the BEST part of moving!

Some people recommend not worrying about holding a garage sale. However, I personally think that if you have the time, holding a yard sale before a move is a great way to declutter AND make some cash to pay the movers! Use these tips to get the MOST from your yard sale.

If you don’t have time for the yard sale, put everything you don’t want into trash bags and donate it or throw it away (or divide it into both categories).

DIY Moving Survival Kit from Joyfully Mad

Creating a moving survival kit can be a life-saver when you end up in your new home with essential items being packed in boxes. It also makes a great gift if you have any friends who are currently moving.

7 Moving Hacks For Moving With Kids from The Inspiration Edit

For kids, moving can be a scary step. They will have to leave their home behind as well as friends, classmates and everything in between. These tips can help you make the transition to a new home more enjoyable for the little ones and for yourself.

How To Move House Fast from Busy Being Jennifer

Sometimes moving can be a time-sensitive situation, in which case you will surely find these tips useful. They can help you speed up the moving process and eliminate the guesswork (get all family members to help!)!

Easy Button For Dinner (And Dishes!) from Bright Green Door

Trust me. Don’t try to cook or worry about dishes (if you can even find them) your first day – or two! in your new home. Instead, plan ahead and make a freezer meal that you can simply throw in the oven and eat off of paper plates.

Or order out. If there’s ever a time to order out dinner, moving is IT!

Grab My Must-Have Productivity Secrets to help Ultra-Busy Moms get more done!

Grab your free list of productivity hacks to help you get more done even with the kids at home.

Label Your Boxes from Living Well Mom

Color coding boxes can simplify unpacking SO much, which can be as easy as using colored tape (or duct tape) to close it up!  It’s a simple idea that will help you directly place the boxes in their corresponding different rooms and unpack all your stuff in an organized manner.

This is ESPECIALLY helpful for long-distance moves or a cross-country move where you may not remember what’s in ANY of your boxes!

Seriously guys, even if you don’t color-code them, take a moment and label the room each box needs to go to. It’ll make everything easier for the movers – and you!

PRO TIP: If your boxes contain fragile items like dishes or vases, make sure you LABEL them as fragile!

What To Do With Pets On Moving Day? Moving Hacks from Country Hill Cottage

Pets can also be affected by moving to a new home. They have well-established habits and are territorial, so moving them to a new location can be very stressful for them too.

This post has some excellent ideas on how to move with pets (like having their bed or favorite toys easy to find) and a free printable checklist, so you don’t forget anything.

Six Of The Best Moving Hacks And Tips from Printable Crush

Balancing work and rest can be challenging while you’re moving. Here are some thoughtful tips to smooth the process and a free printable moving schedule.

How I Prepped My House To Sell In One Weekend from A Beautiful Mess

Moving is even trickier when you are selling your old home and buying a new one. Give this post a quick read. It shares a wealth of information on how you can quickly give your home a refresh to prep it for selling.

There’s also a handy printable cheat sheet to keep you on top of everything – I love moving hacks that also include helpful freebies!

Time-Saving Moving Hacks: Leave Clothes In Dresser Drawers

I learned this one from my movers during my (I think) 4th move, and it’s still one of my favorite packing hack ideas.

The movers will wrap your dressers up in cellophane (like heavy-duty plastic wrap) to protect them and keep the drawers from sliding open. Just leave your clothes inside to skip packing (and unpacking) extra bags.

Clean Your House Before You Move In (Free Printable) from Ask Anna Moseley

One thing you must absolutely do before moving in is give your home a thorough cleaning job.

The previous owners might have done a decent clean job if you’re lucky. But you still need to go through everything with your own cleaning supplies, and it’s much easier before you move in all your stuff.

Best Moving Hacks To Move Hanging Clothes

Skip the process of taking them off the hangers and folding and packing them. It’s all too time-consuming and time is of the essence when it comes to moving.

Instead, grab bunches of clothes ON THE HANGERS. Grab a large plastic trash bag and cut a small hole in the bottom of it. Then send your hangers through that small hole so that the bottom of the trash bag becomes the top and protects your clothes!

Color Coordinated Packing Labels For Your Next Big Move from The Girl Creative

Color-coordinated packing labels are such a great way to keep your boxes organized during a move. The Girl Creative is offering a set for free, so you just need to download and print your labels.

Clever Moving Hacks: Use Your Laundry Basket

This little baby is WAY too important to use for dirty laundry during a move! One of the best moving hacks I can give you is to make the best use of your laundry basket.

Use it to hold small appliances you’ll want right away (hello, coffee maker!) or pack your clean clothes into it so you can avoid using a box!

10 Tips For An Easy Stress-Free Move from Simply Stacie

Following the advice of someone with moving experience can be life-saving. The tips in this post make perfect sense and will teach you how to streamline your move and avoid the exhaustion that usually follows it.

How To Make Moving Easier from Busy Creating Memories

One of the problems you can have when moving is finding a new house or apartment for rent and this post reveals an easy way to find them!

Grab My Must-Have Productivity Secrets to help Ultra-Busy Moms get more done!

Grab your free list of productivity hacks to help you get more done even with the kids at home.

Best Fix It Moving Hacks: Easy Peasy Nail Hole Filler

Forget about filling them with mud and then sanding them down and painting them. Too time-consuming!

Use white toothpaste or white bar soap to fill in nail holes. Or this 3-in-1 Small Hole repair tool is AWESOME because it allows you to apply it, spread it, and sand it in one super convenient bottle! It’s my favorite!

Printable Moving Kit from Designs By Miss Mandee

Having a moving planning kit can be of immense help. You can use it to organize every detail with no chance of forgetting anything. Bonus points, it also includes practical moving labels.

Wait To Pack Your Packing Supplies

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always come across a few things you thought were packed or hadn’t gotten around to packing yet…until the movers are there and loading up the truck.

Wait to pack the packing stuff: boxes, bags, markers, labels, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc until you absolutely don’t need it anymore. And just throw it into a trash bag and put it in the truck or your car.

Don’t forget to label the bag so you know what it is as you unpack!

Best Moving Tips From Reader Feedback from Lipgloss And Crayons

Lipgloss And Crayons curated a collection of the best moving tips from reader feedback. You’ll find some important details you shouldn’t ignore in this post.

Keep Cords Organized from One Crazy House

Recycle your used toilet paper rolls by using them to hold rolled cords so they don’t get tangled! Genius!

using toile paper rolls to keep cords organized

5 Moving Tips & Tricks from Sprinkle Some Fun

With careful planning you can benefit from a stress-free move. Will it still be work? Definitely, but at the very least you will know what you have to do every step of the way. Find more great ideas to help you move with ease in this helpful post.

Free Moving House Change Of Address Checklist Printable from Tomfo

Changing your address is a chore by itself since you will need to notify all the companies you are currently using. Download this free change of address printable checklist and it will be much easier to accomplish.

10 Long Distance Moving Tips You’ll Want To Know from Cutefetti

Long-distance moving can feel even more adventurous but not always in a good way. Changing your residence to a foreign area may require even more careful planning. I definitely recommend reading these moving tips if you are in a similar situation.

Mind-Blowing Moving Hacks: Put Your Suitcases To Work

If you’re facing the need to buy boxes, save yourself a few dollars and fill up your suitcases and other bags first.

I also HIGHLY recommend packing an overnight bag with small items you’ll need fo your first night in your new home or new apartment, including a change of clothes, toilet paper, and various charge cords such as phone chargers.

DIY Moving Labels from Tidy Mom

Once you start packing for your move, this free set of printable moving labels will surely come in handy. There are also blank labels included so you can create new categories as needed.

Grab My Must-Have Productivity Secrets to help Ultra-Busy Moms get more done!

Grab your free list of productivity hacks to help you get more done even with the kids at home.

Best Moving Hacks For Odd-Shaped Items: Ikea DIMPLE Bags

Once you’ve used up your suitcases, bags, and boxes on other items, throw your odd-shaped or hard-to-pack items (shoes, hangers, stuffed animals, sports equipment, etc) into a few IKEA DIMPLE bags. They’re affordable, lightweight, semi-see-through, and strong!

Label Cords from Apartment Therapy

Stop! Before you take those cords out of your TVs or other devices, make sure you label them so you know where to put them when you get to your destination. The WORST feeling is to get to your new place and search for hours for that ONE cord you need but don’t recognize.

TIP: I like to have one plastic bin where I put all my cords – and I keep it with me so I don’t have to search for them when I get to the new place.

BONUS TIP: you don’t need special labels for this project. Regular masking tape (or painter’s tape if that’s what you have) will work REALLY well!

label cords before unplugging them

Moving Hacks For Liquids: Put Shampoo Bottles In Bags By Themselves

Ok, I totally admit it. I packed bottles of shampoos and soaps into a box one time thinking that everything was closed up well. It wasn’t. Or a bottle broke. I don’t remember.

What I DO remember was that it was a soapy, awful MESS that leaked out of the box onto lots of other stuff.

Save yourself the hassle and pack your bottles of items that could potentially leak into plastic bags. That way if they DO leak, they’ll be contained!

Family Moving Hacks: Keep Hardware Together

When you take apart your beds and other pieces of furniture to move, dedicate sealable plastic bags to all the hardware and label them. Then store all of those bags and tools in ONE single place so you know exactly where to find them at the new house.

Use Rubber Bands To Keep Doors Unlatched from Good Housekeeping

Having doors shut behind you and latch (or worse…LOCK) is the worst when you’re carrying heavy boxes and bags during a move! This handy trick is SO simple and also SO helpful!

moving hacks: use a rubber band to keep doors from latching

Family Moving Hacks: Use Your Suitcases Wisely

I’m a little embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure out this tip…so I WON’T say just how long it took me! But I save this for last because it’s one of the BEST moving hacks you can use.

Pack your heavy items – like books – into your suitcases with wheels. Rolling those books behind you is SO much easier than carrying them in back-breaking labor!

I hope you’ve found these handy moving hacks to be helpful! I promise, if you’ve never used these ideas, they will help you save time, energy, and headaches!

Let me know in the comments below which moving tip helped you the most (or share a new one for us)!

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