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This is our comment policy for both the blog AND our Facebook page.

We love our readers and interacting with them!  However, it’s inevitable that we will have readers who disagree with us from time to time.

This purpose of this website is to provide tips, recipes, and information that will help families live a life that’s easier, healthier and happier. We very much appreciate feedback from our readers, even if it’s the opposing viewpoint; however, please add to the conversation in a respectful manner.

Any reader comments (both on the blog or Facebook) that fall into one of the following categories will be deleted and the user may be banned indefinitely.

  1. Negative and not adding value to the conversation
  2. Rude
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  5. Otherwise inappropriate

We’ve worked hard to make this community a positive place! Please respect other people’s opinions and help us to keep this place a positive one for all to contribute.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you would like to address with us, please reach out to us personally through our contact page.

Thank you!

🙂  Lisa and Heather

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