Banish first day jitters with these 6 tips!

While it is normal for feel a little nervous on the first day of school, you can help your kids banish those first day jitters with our tips. For more helpful tips and recipes visit Made in a Pinch and follow us on Pinterest!

First Day Jitters

The first day of school can be scary! Changes are challenging, and the first day has it all: new teacher, new classmates, and new things to learn.


That doesn’t even take into account going to a completely brand new school. So much change at once is enough to make even the most confident child lose some confidence.

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Use our tips to make the first day of school easy for your child and banish those first day jitters!


1. Be prepared


Get everything ready for the first day the night before. Choose what you’ll wear and have your lunch and backpack all packed and ready to go.


Getting prepared the night before will relieve stress while trying to sleep and get out the door in the morning!


Get a good night’s sleep (go to bed early). With everything packed and ready to go, there’s no need to worry and lose sleep. Plus, a good night’s sleep will help you think and focus better the next day.

2. Eat a good breakfast


There’s no way around it: eating a good breakfast provides good brain and body fuel during the day.


Even if your child has butterflies in their stomach, have them take the time to eat a hearty breakfast.


You can try a smoothie or oatmeal which might be a little easier on a nervous stomach. Other ideas include peanut butter toast with fruit, eggs and bacon (or sausage), or Greek yogurt with granola and fruit.


But, then again, if you are busy reassuring a nervous child, who has time to make breakfast at the same time?

Great Prepare Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Bacon, Spinach, & Potato Frittata Muffins

Healthy Cereal Alternatives

Irresistible Crustless Quiche

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Scrumptious Fruity Baked Oatmeal


3. Be friendly and positive


When you smile and say hi to others, you attract people to you. The same is true about taking a positive outlook on the day and experience. 


If your child is feeling nervous, encourage them to help someone. Taking the time to help a fellow student or a teacher can help your child feel less nervous and at the same time help her feel like a part of the crowd. 

friends heading back to school. For our tips at achieving their best success at school visit Made in a Pinch and follow us on Pinterest

4. Be brave and make friends


Help your child know they can just be themselves – that’s all it takes! However, for those kids who are shy, asking them to talk to kids they don’t know can seem overwhelming.


So, encourage them to approach someone else who is not with a group of people. Help him come up with a joke to tell someone. Make the suggestion of helping someone when they drop something or holding a door open for them.


Helping other kids can be a great way to break the ice and make a new friend.


Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of courage to introduce yourself to a new person and make a new friend!

5. Introduce yourself and your child to her new teacher

Remember, this is their first day too. Think about all the names and faces they need to learn!


If your child is really nervous, try walking up to the teacher with her and introduce yourselves together.


Tell your child’s teacher a little something about yourselves, such as a fun trip you took over the summer. Breaking the ice this way helps nervous kiddos feel more at ease with their new teacher.

Grab our tips for helping alleviate first day jitters at Made in a Pinch. For more tips follow us on Pinterest!

6. Practice your locker combination

This pertains mostly to middle schoolers and high schoolers: if you have a locker, knowing your locker combo and being able to open it on the first try will save you time and embarrassment.


For first-time locker users, I suggest buying a combination lock ahead of time and practicing the art of using it. Having a little practice with a combination lock will go a long way toward feeling confident when using a school locker!


Take a little time to get ready for the first day of school ahead of time will go a long way toward easing those first day jitters. Being prepared just helps get rid of anxiety! Get packed up early, go to bed early, and eat a great breakfast to set the tone for a fantastic first day of school this year!


Tell us in the comments below…what is one thing you do to get ready for a brand new school year?


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