10 Mother’s Day gift ideas every Mom will love!

Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 40 countries? I had NO idea, but it’s true (look it up for yourself!)! While the date for celebrating Mother’s Day varies by country, the United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in May. For 2018, that date is May 13th – mark your calendars!   Are you wondering what to give those special women in your life for Mother’s Day this year?

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I personally think that coming up with gift ideas for Mother’s Day is tough! I always tend to overthink it. My mom is simple in that she would prefer to do something that involves spending time with her kids and grandkids. That’s great for the times we can all get together. What do I do when we are scattered and can’t do something together?? I want to give her a little token that shows my love and gratitude for her.

Anytime I give a gift, my goal is to choose something that is meaningful, useful, and practical. Mother’s Day is definitely not the exception to that goal (thus the reason I can over think it)! When your mom has something she really wants, it can be simple to fulfill that wish. However, what do you give to a woman who has everything she needs?

Lisa and I have taken a survey to find the best and most appreciated Mother’s Day gifts. We have used our own wishlists, the wishlists of our own moms, and suggestions from our surveys to compile this list for you. We are bringing you a list of 10 meaningful, useful and practical gifts for ANY mom! These gift suggestions will do everything from pampering to WOWing that special woman in your life.

Here we go (I love lists!)!

1). House Cleaning

Let’s face it, the special women in our lives work. Hard. Whether they work outside of the home or stay at home with the kids there is constant work to do from cleaning to organizing to laundry to cooking to scheduling to shuttling kids around to errands and much more. The work a mom does is endless. Give her a break and hire a local housekeeper to clean her house and give her a break. You can choose between a one-time cleaning or an ongoing monthly or bi-weekly schedule.

The cost for this is roughly $30/hour (give or take) – plan for about 4-6 hours of cleaning time, depending on the size of her home.

Mother's Day gift ideas

2). Living or Fake plant

Take a moment to think this one through before you act on it. Does that mom in your life love caring for living plants? If so, find one that smells amazing, or looks interesting, or simply one that reminds you of her.

On the other hand, does she not have a green thumb and kills every plant around her? Or does she even have the time or the desire to care for a live plant? If this description fits, opt for a simple fake plant that will add some color or “homeyness” to her environment while not adding any additional work.

The cost for this gift idea will vary, depending on the plant you buy. I would say that a fair estimate would be $10 – $50.

3) Picture gift (mug, calendar, photo book)

Many moms LOVE picture gifts so they can keep loved ones close to them. My mom loves photo calendars, and I give her one every year. It has pictures of her kids and grandkids doing various activities and events throughout the year, and she enjoys using it and seeing the pictures.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a photo gift because of the variety of options available as well as the options in pricing! Check out sites such as Personal CreationsSnapfish, or Shutterfly for ideas.

Another option in this category is to take a favorite picture of the family or just the two of you and frame it in an interesting or unique frame. You can even print it on an acrylic sheet from cutmyplastic.co.uk, so it will look really unique, gorgeous and will last forever.

Plan on a price range of about $15 – $100 for this gift idea.

Hurry if you go this route – the sites will need time to create your gift and ship it to you or directly to the mom in your life.

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4) Hanging flower basket

This is one of my personal favorite gifts for Mother’s Day. I love the splash of color that a hanging flower basket adds to my front porch! And this gift is inexpensive – as cheap as $15 or so for a basket. If your mom tends to be a little forgetful about watering her plants (as I am becoming), don’t forget to include a simple Aqua Globe to help her enjoy those plants with less fuss!

Plan for this gift idea to cost $15- $30 a basket (depending on the size and types of flowers planted). If you choose to add an Aqua Globe, add another $10 for a set of 2 globes.

5) Garden art

“Garden art” can mean many, many things. It can be something as simple as a wind spinner, or something funny such as a “Naughty Garden Elf“. It can be an inexpensive Art Gecko or an intricate and abstract sculpture. The beauty of this gift idea is that it’s so variable, and there’s bound to be something for everyone if you just put a little effort into the search. Feel free to search on Amazon or Google for “garden art” and see the hundreds of options that come up.

My personal favorite garden art gift is a mosaic stepping stone. I have three – one from each of my children with their handprints in them. They are priceless to me!

Budget $10-$50 for this gift idea.

6) Quality time with kids/grandkids…

Many moms love to spend the day just hanging out or enjoying a brunch (or some other activity) with their kids and grandkids. It’s a way of appreciating the special people in our lives who made us moms. And in many families, it’s a way of bringing everyone together to spend time together as a family (ex: kids who are now adults living on their own).

Customize this idea to what Mom likes to do. However, the beauty of this gift is that it’s value isn’t monetary – it’s time-based and sentimental. That makes it a great option for anyone on a budget. Add a meaningful card (this can even be homemade), and it’s a priceless gift.

Plan on a price range of $10-$30 for this gift.

7) …or a break from kids/grandkids

Now understandably some moms love to have “a day off” on Mother’s Day. Because let’s face it, the truth is that no matter how wonderful being a mom is, it’s a job (or a role) that doesn’t provide sick days or vacations. Being a mom is a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year type of commitment.

There are many moms out there who take advantage of Mother’s Day as a day to do what they want without little ones in tow. Call it a well-deserved break. Maybe they get a coffee all by themselves, maybe they spend time with other moms or friends, or maybe they get a special spa treat and feel pampered for a bit.

Depending on what Mom likes to do, this gift idea can vary significantly in price.

8) A little bling

Whether it’s casual jewelry or something more expensive, give that mom in your life a little bling. Etsy has some great ideas and gifts – many of them are inexpensive.

Mother's Day gift ideas

Another great site that I love is Uncommon Goods. As the name implies, this site has wonderful interesting and more unique options! FYI, Uncommon Goods not only has jewelry, but it has many other gift ideas as well. And my favorite tidbit about Uncommon Goods: their products are not mass-produced; rather, the products on this site are made by the artists themselves.

Depending on the jewelry that Mom loves, the price for this gift can vary significantly – budget $20-$100.

9) Massage

Who doesn’t need a little pampering once in a while? I can speak from first-hand experience and say without a doubt that moms definitely need a little pampering here and there! Receiving a 60-minute massage can make a mom feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

A 60 minute massage averages about $60.

Mother's Day gift ideas

10) Spa Treatment/Day

Really want to spoil Mom for a day? Treat her to a mani/pedi, a facial, or package it all together with a massage for a spa day to help her feel like a whole new person!

The price for this varies significantly depending on the spa chosen as well as the services purchased. I would say a fair estimate would be to budget $75 – $200 for this gift.

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Whether you have plans to spend a little or a lot on a special mom in your life for Mother’s Day, these 10 gift ideas will show her how much you love and appreciate her! More importantly, they will be meaningful to her!

Tell us in the comments below: What was a gift that you gave Mom that she absolutely loved? What is a gift you have received as a mom that stood out to you as being priceless?

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