29 Awesome Any-Occasion Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals

Many kids love animals and enjoy learning about and playing with them. If you are searching for creature-themed gifts for the kids in your life, here are 29 of the best gifts for kids who love animals!

little boy playing with stuffed animals by his bed

Like a lot of kids, mine love animals. We have a dog and a cat, but that doesn’t stop them from pleading for a rabbit, a guinea pig, and a big hairy spider too (eeewwwww 😲)!

I love keeping that in the back of my mind whenever I am searching for gifts for them (holidays, birthdays, special occasions, etc) because you just never know what you might find.

If you are shopping for gifts for kids who love animals, this list is for you! This carefully curated list of ideas will simplify the daunting task of picking a winning animal toy that your child will love all year long and for any occasion. 

Instead of finding boring, everyday options here, you’ll find unique toys and other ideas to help you find the right gift for that young kid (or the big kid) in your life!

Everything on the list is something we already have and love or something they have been begging for.

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Best Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

To put it simply, kids who love animals will love anything animal-related! True animal-lovers want to include animals in every aspect of their lives from books to toys to backpacks and more. And there are only SO many stuffed animals any house can hold! 😂

That’s why I created this carefully curated list of gift ideas!

If you’re wondering what to get a kid who loves animals, then you are right where you need to be! I put together this list of 29 of my top picks for animal gifts from items that my kids have enjoyed or have been pestering me begging for.

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Whether you’re searching for birthday gifts or perfect Christmas gifts, I hope it gives you ideas that will thrill any child who loves animals for a long time!

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1. Animal Sheet set (llamas, etc)

I love these cute sheet sets! They have lots of different animal options such as mermaids, dinos and zoo animals. You can also find sheet sets for other animal favorites like owls, llamas, and more!

2. Animal Chair Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

If your house already has more plush toys than you know what to do with, check out this alternative! These animal chairs are so much fun, and so comfy for a snuggly day reading a book. This is a hot animal-inspired gift idea for kids of all ages, and you can find them in so many different animal varieties!

3. Animal Pajamas

There really is no better present for animal lovers than a set of pajamas with their favorite animal printed on them! I have always loved these Carter pajama sets because they are great for both cool weather and warm weather. 

Or, you can take it up a notch and give your little animal lover a full animal pajama suit! These are perfect for cold weather!

4. Animal Travel Pillow Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

Like to travel? Take along your child’s favorite animal in pillow form! Not only are these travel pillows adorable, but they are practical – I huge bonus for a gift idea!

5. Animal Wall Calendar

What better way to appeal to a young animal lover than by having a variety of wild animals on their wall? Kids love calendars because they give kids a sense of connectedness to what’s going on around them. 

Combine a calendar with animals to get a real (cheap) winner!

6. Zoo Membership Experiential Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

I love experiential gifts over material ones any day, and this gift idea knocks it out of the park for younger children – and the whole family. Kids love seeing how animals behave in natural environments. Give them the gift of a local zoo membership, and go see those animals frolic and interact!

7. Animal (cat, etc) Necklace

Here’s a way to take a child’s love of animals with them everywhere: animal jewelry! A necklace or maybe a bracelet depicting your child’s favorite animal is an excellent gift idea for kid animal lovers.

I don’t recommend anything too expensive – they ARE still kids. But these ideas are great because they are simple, beautiful, and inexpensive. And they aren’t only for cat lovers – check out the various options!

8. Animal Hooded Towel

Is there anything more adorable than a baby or toddler wrapped up in an animal hooded towel after a bath! Whether your little cutie has a lion mane, shark teeth, or puppy dog ears, they are seriously eat-you-up cute!


9. Animal Headband

Encourage pretend play with animal headbands! This set of 12 covers a dozen different animals to help your little one get their creative juices flowing (and is perfect for playing together with friends)!

10. Hug a Sloth Kit Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

Your child will delight in this new slow and steady friend.

Animal books are always a hit, but this kit takes it a step further.  Each kit comes with a plush sloth, a book to learn about sloths, and an adoption certificate. You can also get “Hug a____” kits for other animals such as the narwhal whale, hedgehog, and llama. What fun, hands-on gifts for kids who love animals!

11. Animal Humidifier

Too cute! And so simple to use and maintain (perfect for busy moms)! If you live in a drier climate, I highly recommend these easy humidifiers.

With no filter, all you do is wipe them down and they are ready to go. And Crane has SO MANY animals to choose from! We personally have the frog and the sheep.

12. Animal Puzzle or 3D Puzzle

Whether you are looking for a puzzle a toddler can do or an older child can do, pick an animal-themed one to satisfy their love for animals!

13. Slinky Dog

I personally think this is one of the best toys for toddlers! This is a softer and cuddlier version of the classic pull toy that has entertained children since the 1950s and features a character from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story movies.

Similar to the original version, Slinky Dog (or “Slink” as his good friend Woody calls him) has a Slinky body, but covered in a soft plush material that makes Slinky Dog soft to the touch and comforting for children to hold. 

14. Stuffies Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

It might sound a little cliché, but have you thought about a stuffed animal as a present for an animal lover? There are TONS of stuffed animals available, but none are quite like Stuffies!

My kids each have a Stuffie and LOVE them. Not only are they cuddly, but my kids can hide their treasures inside the hidden pockets and compartments. The Dragon is my personal favorite!

15. Animal Wall Art or Wall Decals

Instead of using wallpaper or painting animals on your child’s bedroom wall (which you can totally do…unless you are completely NOT artistic – like me), decorate the walls with removable Wall Decals!

16. National Geographic’s True Stories Of Amazing Animals

Meet a kayaking sea otter, a bear that stole a family’s car, a pet cat that called 911 to save its owner, and many more tales of amazing and inspiring animals. This book will enthrall kids with 100 heartwarming and hilarious stories. Your kiddo won’t be able to put it down!

17. Animal Books As Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

Where do I even start with this one? From fiction to nonfiction, the possibilities are endless. Read stories about dragons, unicorns, moose, African wildlife and so. Much. More.

My kids couldn’t get enough of these types of books, making these gift ideas for kid animal lovers that you can’t mess up!

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18. Guides on How To Draw Animals

Do you have a child with an artistic hand? This animal-inspired gift appeals to the inner artist in kids as well!

17. Animal Wall Clock

Have you seen how many cute and colorful animal wall clocks there are? Add some color to your child’s bedroom wall while also (slowly) teaching them how to tell time! Yes! I love it!

18. Little Live Aqua Dragons

Aqua Dragons are real, live aquatic animals that hatch from eggs and grow into tiny dragon-like critters, and they’ve been on Earth longer than humans!

Now, you can impress young people with this special kit where you place the eggs into a water-filled habitat and watch in amazement as they hatch and come to life after 48 hours. This tank kit has everything you need to create the perfect habitat for your tiny dragons, plus food for you to keep them happy. Watch as they swim and thrive in their underwater world.

19. Animal-Themed Games Make Great Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

Game night will never be the same! Learn about animals all around the globe in this Race Around The World animal board game, while kids young and old(er) will enjoy learning animal trivia.

If these two don’t appeal to you, just a few minutes of searching will yield tons of animal game options!

Wild Kratts board game makes great gifts for kids who love animals

20. Animal Throw Blanket

Mmmmm, super cute and snuggly soft, every kid will enjoy a special animal blanket to cuddle with! Lots of animals, colors, and patterns to choose from!

21. Animal Lunchbox

Cutest. Thing. Ever! Find a lunchbox with your child’s favorite animal on it and enjoy watching them be excited about carrying a lunchbox or taking a backpack to school!

My kids had these and I loved not only how cute they were but also how well they held up! Pair this lunchbox with a lunch kit (like a bento box).

22. Animal Backpack

With any animal lunchbox comes an animal backpack, right?

Get a matching (or complementary) animal backpack to have the entire system of cuteness (and practicality)!

23. WILD! Science Worm Farm

If your little animal lover wants to take a closer look at the wonderful world of worms, this kit allows kids to watch worms re-create a real underground worm habitat. Young children will love watching the worms dig and burrow in the soil. This kit includes everything you need to get started.

24. National Geographic Butterfly Growing Kit

Every family member will enjoy seeing this process up close! Purchase live caterpillars separately and watch them transform into chrysalids and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. 

NOTE: Don’t purchase caterpillars until outdoor temperatures are between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

25. Animal Crafts Make Great Gifts For Kids Who Love Animals

Sewing, sticker crafts, stamp sets and more…the options are bountiful for craft gifts for kids who love animals.

26. Animal Hand Puppets

So cute! I love this set of Melissa and Doug safari hand puppets. Not only are these soft toys adorable gifts, but they are sold by a great company (which I love supporting), are excellent quality, and are entertainment for the entire family! Plus, they’re a great activity for younger kids to do solo or with their best friends.

27. Make Your Own Stuffed Animal

Whether your child loves dogs, cats, unicorns, snow leopards, horses, or elephants, you can create your very own stuffed animal with one of these easy kits (backpack included and no sewing required!).

These kits come in tons of different animal varieties, so if your child particularly loves a different animal, check them out!

28. Bedroom Laundry Basket or Toy Organizer

I love these bins because they double as a laundry hamper and a toy storage bin, making them (in my mind) terrific and cute gifts for kids who love animals! There are lots of animal choices available, woohoo! 

29. Hoot Owl Hoot Board Game

Looking for a fun, family-friendly game that everyone enjoys? Surprise your little animal-lover with the Hoot Owl Hoot board game! This cooperative game teaches kids simple strategy skills as they work together to help the owls fly back to their nest before sunrise.

The game is ingeniously designed in two levels so that it’s just as much fun for big kids to play as younger children.

From crafts to books to educational items to toys that entertain, this list has a little bit of everything. But what I love best about it is that every idea listed here is practical and useful in some way!

I hope you found this gift guide for animal lovers helpful!

These gifts for kids who love animals are not only fun and cute but also are perfect for curious kids any time of year. These animal-inspired gifts also make great birthday party gifts that every animal-loving child wants!

Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List!

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