These 12 Awesome Ideas for Easy Halloween Decorations!

Decorate Inside and Out – In No Time!

Halloween is a chance for kids and adults alike to enjoy seasonal, spooky fun. In keeping with this festive atmosphere, millions of Americans choose to decorate their homes to celebrate.

In our home, Halloween is a big deal. While I have met people who go more all-out than we do, my kids LOVE Halloween decorations.

We tend to decorate inside and out, and we have a blast with it. Halloween decorating is so much fun! At the same time, we all have very limited time, so we have to make the best use of it by choosing decorations that don’t take long to set up.

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Here are simple decoration ideas to make your house very family-friendly festive this Halloween!

Easy Halloween Inside Decorations

First, let’s talk about what you can do inside your house. You can use homemade decorations as well as things you can buy from the store. Here are some ideas for indoor Halloween decorations.


Cheesecloth Ghosts

Simple, cheap, fun to make, and oh-so-creepy (but also cute)! Use cheesecloth for the body and black construction paper for the eyes and mouth. Put a few cheesecloth ghosts around the house to add the ultimate DIY Halloween decoration.

Want a tutorial? Search for ‘cheesecloth ghosts’ on Pinterest to get tons of great ideas!

Spiders on the move

What’s creepier than a bunch of black spiders crawling around? Not too much in my opinion! Tape a bunch of cheap plastic black spiders (if all you can find are the rings for kids, simply cut off the plastic part that makes the spider a ring) onto your wall and/or door for a great Halloween decoration!!

invading spiders make perfect scary Halloween decorations. For more easy scary Halloween decorations go to Made in a Pinch. Get more helpful tips and great recipes by following us on Pinterest!


Covered furniture

Drape white sheets over your furniture for a spooky look inside this year. Add a few twisty sticks (painted black, of course) and a cobweb or two to complete the effect.


Flying Bats

Buy (or make) black felt cutouts in bat shapes and tape to the walls to give the illusions of bats flying around the room. Creepy!


Bones and more bones

What is more Halloween-y than skeletons? Prop up or hang a skeleton or two around the house!


Easy Halloween Outside Decorations

Now let’s go out to your yard! As long as you’re respectful of your neighbors and any local codes, you can have a great time decorating the outside of your house


Crashed Witch

One of my favorite outdoor decorations (they make me laugh every time) is the witch that crashed into the tree or side of the house. If you have a tree in your yard, this is a simple, fun, quick and easy decoration to put up!


A classic for a reason! Not only can you create these as a family and making family memories, but then you can stick them outside on your front porch, steps or walkway for a great decoration! Slip a candle inside each one for evening enjoyment too!


Yard Inflatables

You can decorate the space with custom inflatables which are a great way to add a personal touch to your event. You can have custom inflatable characters in the shape of favorite characters from movies or TV shows that can scare your neighborhood.

And, if you want to really make a statement, you can get a giant inflatable pumpkin to put in your yard. This will add an extra touch of fun and excitement to your event, and it will also make for some great photos afterward. So if you’re looking for a unique and festive way to decorate your event, custom inflatables are a great option!


Colored Light Bulbs

Nothing sets the tone for spooky Halloween quite like orange and purple light bulbs do! They are super fast to change out and make a big impact on your home ambiance. In just a few minutes, you can have that perfect final touch to your holiday decorating!


Ghosts on stakes

Using cheesecloth, old sheets, shower curtains, or any white fabric, you can create a ghostly legion on your lawn. Drive tomato stakes (or something similar, such as metal fencing rods) into the ground at various places on your lawn. On top of the stakes, mount a Styrofoam ball or wad of newspaper held together by masking tape. Drape the white sheets over this arrangement and draw eyes and a mouth with a black marker. Dress your ghosts up with hats and other funny or scary accouterments.

Tombstones make perfect scary Halloween decorations. For more easy scary Halloween decorations go to Made in a Pinch. Get more helpful tips and great recipes by following us on Pinterest!



Make your lawn into a temporary graveyard with faux tombstones. These are usually made of lightweight material (like foam) that is water-resistant and designed to look remarkably like stone. They are very affordable and can last several years!


Spider webs

You can purchase ‘spider webs‘ ready to hang on your outdoor shrubbery, windows and doors, or you can stretch cotton balls or cheesecloth and place on bushes and trees. If you have a porch, it can give your entryway a really spooky look. If you like, add plastic spiders in various places on the “webs.”

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  1. Those are fun ideas for inside, we’ve done a few of these, and it never fails to give cheap thrills and chills!

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