DIY Valentine Card Box For School

Transform an ordinary facial tissue box into a fun Valentine card box that’s perfect for holding all those Valentine’s Day cards at school! This craft is perfect for kids to make and personalize themselves!

For far too many years, I would forget that my kids needed to make a Valentine’s card box to hold all the cards they receive from their classmates.

Want some printable valentines? Check out our:

I don’t know about you, but I was never that parent who was game to create the incredible (and time-consuming) boxes that you may find on Pinterest.

But I did want my kids to be prepared and have a Valentine’s Day-themed box.

And I wanted them to be able to help or do it entirely themselves!

So, here’s the design my kids and I came up with! They loved it – it was simple to make, checked all the boxes for a cool Valentine card box, and it’s big enough to hold all the items they receive from their classmates.

Valentine card box

DIY Valentine’s Card Box For School

Is it just me, or are Valentine boxes getting more and more elaborate every year? I’m putting that on Pinterest’s shoulders! 😂 Thankfully, Pinterest has led you here to see and make a simple craft that’s perfect for kids who don’t want to do a lot of crafting or for busy families.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice in the cuteness or originality departments. Moms who are short on time can still enjoy being creative with this craft!

Supplies Needed To Make A Valentine Card Box

  • Empty Tissue Box
  • Paint (any colors desired..white, pink, red, etc.) and Paintbrush
  • Paint Pens or Markers
Valentine card box supplies

How To Make A Valentine Card Box

Follow this process to make your own unique and festive box!

Step 1

Paint the entire box with a light coat of paint in any design you choose (solid, stripes, dots, etc.) and let it dry.

Step 2

Apply a second light coat of paint and let it dry.

Step 3

Some of the original box patterns may show through the paint and that’s ok – it adds a great design element!

Step 4

Once the box is completely dry, use paint pens or markers to add detailed designs (name, hearts, etc.) of your choice to the box

Step 5

Fill with cards and treats for someone special or see what surprises from others fill your own box!

Valentine card box

More Simple Valentine Card Box Ideas

Here are a few Valentine box ideas that shouldn’t require too much work, but are still winners!

If you do want something a little more elaborate, check out these Valentine’s card boxes!


Do your kids love Minions as much as mine do? This design from The Scrap Shoppe totally looks like these lovable characters!

Cactus Valentine Box

This adorable cactus from Fun365 won’t actually poke you! The process is super simple, and the final results are enviable!


This adorable Valentine’s Day monster from Giggles Galore “eats” up all the cards your child will get at school!


Oh gosh, this box from Scrapbook & Cards Today is so cute! I love the use of the trunk to “open” the box.

Pom-Pom Valentine Box

Kids go crazy for pom poms! Check out this box design from Design Improvised and imagine allllll the possibilities to create a totally unique Valentine card box.


Create your own penguin like this one from Mommyapolis using a simple cereal box and some colored construction paper. I love simple! 🙂


There’s just something about hippos that’s super adorable. No matter what other boxes my kids make this year, this one from Giggles Galore has GOT to be on the list!

Shark Valentine Box

Monsters aren’t the only “animals” that can “eat” all the Valentine cards! Check out this shark design from The Crafting Chicks!

Bird House

Instead of an animal, how about a birdhouse? This Valentine card box design from One Creative Mommy is so cute!


I’m a sucker for pandas, so it’s no surprise that I love this box from Artsy Fartsy Mama! Who could resist those heart-shaped eyes?

 Post Office Mailbox

This idea from Lily Ardor is probably one of the most time-consuming ideas on this list, but it’s just way too cool not to share! Does your child like to build things? Give this design a go!

Mickey Mouse 

Anything Disney-inspired is a guaranteed hit with kids! This design from Mouse Ears Mom includes both Minnie and Mickey Mouse Valentine card box ideas!


Superheroes are always a classic, and it doesn’t get any more classic (or amazing) than Superman! I love this Valentine card box design from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

I hope you love these Valentine card box ideas! Although you can make much more elaborate designs, simple can be just as effective and amazing!

More Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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