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Surprise Dad with a terrific Father’s Day gift by making him this “All About My Dad” printable. It makes a perfect last minute gift idea and creates something he’ll treasure for years!

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With Father’s Day coming quickly (can you believe it??), you might be trying to think of a meaningful gift that dad will love from the kids. I have an awesome last-minute Father’s Day gift idea: this All About My Dad printable questionnaire!

Have them fill out this adorable printable questionnaire for a quick homemade gift dad will treasure. It’s an expanded form of my popular All About My Mom printable that’s equally adorable (go pin it to use next year)!

I LOVE having my kids fill out questionnaires a few times a year for various occasions because it’s always a hoot to hear their answers, about mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and themselves.

Speaking of fun questionnaires, check out my School Year Time Capsule to hear their own growth, memories, and experiences in their own words!

I already have mine printed out and ready for my kids to fill out for my husband for Father’s Day.

Pro Tip: you can have your kids fill out the same pack every year to see how their answers change! I think it will be so cute to look back at their answers throughout the years and their dad will look forward to this gift every year!

Grab the packet by clicking the image below!

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Questions Included On The All About My Dad Printable Questionnaire

It’s hard to see in the picture what questions are on these sheets, so here’s a list:

  • My dad’s name is:
  • Dad’s age is:
  • Dad loves to:
  • Dad’s favorite color is:
  • Dad’s favorite foods are:
  • If I could take my dad anywhere in the world, I would take him to:
  • 5 Things I love to do with my dad
  • My favorite thing to do with Dad is:
  • My favorite memory with Dad is:
  • If I could buy my dad anything in the world, I would buy him:
  • My dad makes me feel special when he:
  • My dad is super dad because he:
  • And then a space to draw a picture of your dad

Check it out (video)!

All About My Dad Questionnaire  – A Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

I recommend printing on white cardstock.

Then have your child fill out the questions. If they’re too young to write the answers themselves, you can have them tell you their answers and write them down for them.

Finally, have them draw a picture of their dad. Or tape a photo of him to the sheet. This will be a father’s day gift dad will keep forever!

This “All About My Dad” worksheet is perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day, AND any special day!

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The interview is cute and easy to fill out. I guarantee you’ll get a few surprising answers – and some funny ones too!

Dads will treasure this personalized gift from their littles. And it’s seriously the gift that keeps giving because it’s a fun read when Dad receives it AND it’s just as much fun to read years down the road.

Grab the “All About My Dad” printable packet by clicking the image below!

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Tips To Get The Most Out Of This All About My Dad Questionnaire

This activity doesn’t have to stop once the questions are answered! Here are some more fun activities you can add onto this questionnaire.

Create A Video

The questions answered in their handwriting is special and unique. But if you want to REALLY take it up a notch, make a video!

Freeze this moment in time by making a video of the kids answering the questions or wishing Dad a happy Father’s Day or birthday. Or get them to tell jokes – anything will be treasured!

My husband and I LOVE seeing videos of our kids with then were smaller. There are just certain things you forget once they get past certain phases – like their little voices or certain facial expressions or mannerisms.

Go grab your phone and ask your kids these (and any other) questions you want. Dad will love the questionnaire but the adorable video will make him so happy!

Draw A Picture

Have the kids draw a picture of their choice on the back of the sheet. They might draw some random picture or draw themselves with dad.

Grab the “All About My Dad” printable packet by clicking the image below!

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More Father’s Day Fun!

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