The Ultimate Baseball Tournament Packing List (+ Travel Items)

What do you need to pack for a day (or a weekend) out at the sports field? Whether you’re packing for a baseball tournament or softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, etc., here’s your list of essentials to pack for tournaments. Never forget everything you need again with my free printable baseball tournament packing list

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When my boys played recreation baseball, it was easy to grab the essentials for a game because you don’t need that much for 1-2 hours, right? Just slap on a cap and some sunscreen on everyone and you’re good to go.

But when my boys started playing on competitive travel teams, I suddenly had to learn how to up my game. Big time.

And I made a few (big) mistakes along the way! So, I wanted to help reduce your learning curve by giving you my hard-learned list of must-haves for weekend baseball tournaments.

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Tips To Simplify This Baseball Tournament Packing List

If you’re new to the world of competitive sports teams and tournaments, know ahead of time that you’ll probably spend hours at the field each day. Sometimes there’s a break in between games where you can run to a bathroom or grab some food.

Other times, games are back to back and you really can’t leave. And you’ll likely do this both Saturday and Sunday (or multiple days if you’re taking part in a travel tournament).

Planning ahead will be your best friend – keeping some things already packed and ready to go was the BEST thing I do to help reduce prep time and the chance of forgetting things.

Tip 1: Keep Layers And Sunscreen Ready To Go

Once the spring baseball season kicks off, I keep a tote in my vehicle that has clothing essentials such as a hat, sunscreen, winter hat, gloves, blanket, windbreaker, umbrella, and rain poncho.

Tip 2: Keep Some Snacks Packed

And I also make a snack bag filled with non-perishable grab-and-go essentials such as beef jerky, sunflower seeds, nuts, protein bars, licorice, and gum.

With these two bags or totes packed up, all you have to do is keep them in the car (my preference) or by the door and grab them on your way out.

Grab my handy checklist so you never forget an item again!

What To Pack For A Baseball Tournament: 33 Essentials

In an effort to make this list easy to follow, I’m breaking it down into categories.

Health Items On Your Baseball Tournament Packing List

1. Sunscreen

I recommend keeping a bottle of easy-to-apply sunscreen in your child’s bag and another bottle for you and the family.

I was very opposed to the spray sunscreens for a long time…until we started doing weekend tournaments for baseball. Now I’m a HUGE fan!

Having a spray sunscreen is SO much easier to use than rubbing in creams when you’re rushing from one game to another or have dirty hands from being at the fields!

I highly recommend these two:

2. Sun Hat Or Baseball Cap

Baseball players and family members spend so much time out in the sun, and if you’re anything like me that bright light is murder on the eyes and the skin.

Bring along a sun hat to keep the sun off of your entire face. There are many different options from baseball caps to wide brim floppy sun hats. Here are a few of our favorite go-to’s:

3. Sunglasses

My light blue eyes are super sensitive to bright light anyway, but my optometrist gave me a reminder about how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. 

Here are some of my favorite options:

kids watching sports tournament

4. Bug Repellant

The heat and humidity of summertime often mean bugs – and lots of them! If you’re anything like me, being a mosquito buffet takes away from the enjoyment of watching your kiddos play ball.

Protect your family (and yourself) with a good repellent. There are many options, but here are my favorites:

5. First Aid Kit

I’ve seen a lot of injuries on the baseball field over the years. That includes everything from bee stings to cuts and bruises to goose eggs and broken bones.

We’ve been on some teams where the coach or team parent had a first aid kit. And we’ve been on teams where no one had a first aid kit.

After my son got hit by a bad pitch and we didn’t have ice, I started bringing a first aid kit and Ice Paks so that we (and the rest of the team) would always have the essentials on hand.

FYI, it’s come in handy MANY times, and I’ve even used it to help kids playing on nearby fields when their team didn’t have a first aid kit either.

I like this 300 piece kit that comes with a variety of bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, a cold compress, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, scissors, and more. I love that it’s big enough to hold additional items if needed. It also has free shipping for Prime members!

I like to fill it up with a few helpful extras:

6. Instant Cold Pack

Bumps and bruises happen in sports, and it definitely helps to have some instant ice packs handy to keep the swelling down.

I have purchased several sets of these packs – and used them all!

7. Lip Balm

I get chapped lips in the sun and wind, and my kids do too. It took me a while, but I finally remembered to bring chapstick with me. It was life-changing!

8. Hand Sanitizer

Baseball fields aren’t clean places. Some fields have bathrooms and some only have Porta-potties. You just don’t know which fields will have bathrooms, not to mention which ones will have soap in their bathrooms.

A bottle of hand sanitizer is a must-have as part of a baseball tournament packing list.

Grab my handy checklist so you never forget an item again!

9. Ibuprofen

I recommend having both kids’ and adult doses of ibuprofen. They come in handy when you least expect it.

10. Insurance Card

I hadn’t thought of this…until my son broke his arm on the baseball field (bad slide into 2nd base). Oh man, was I grateful his insurance card was in my wallet!

And there happened to be a very conveniently-located urgent care a half of a mile away. 😂

If you’re worried about losing the card, just put pictures of them in your phone so you always have them with you!

11. Extra Water

When you’re likely to be at the field for several hours, have a couple of these extra (insulated) water jugs with you because the sun and heat will make you and your player thirsty!

12. Snacks/Food

You’ll want to pack food. Trust me – cheering for your kids burns some serious calories! Many fields will have a concession stand, but some won’t.

Even if the fields have a concession stand, you’ll probably go broke spending 3x as much for crappy snacks. Pack some snacks and keep everyone satisfied all day.

Here are some of our favs:

  • trail mix
  • sunflower seeds
  • protein bars
  • beef jerky
  • fruit pouch
  • fresh fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, watermelon, etc)
  • pretzels
  • dried fruit
  • popcorn
  • protein bars
  • granola bars
  • fruit leather

13. Gum/mints 

I’m a gum addict – it helps me munch a little less, and it gives me fresh breath for socializing.

14. Cooler

And you’ll need something to keep your food from getting hot or melting. That’s where a cooler comes in handy.

Fill a cooler with ice and keep your snacks and drinks cool. I have heard of some fields not allowing coolers, although we’ve never run into that issue.

If coolers aren’t allowed, you can still bring a cooler and leave it in your car. However, if coolers are allowed, then I recommend one of these three:

If your family spends a lot of time at baseball tournaments, or you like to go camping or fishing, consider getting a (wheeled) Yeti cooler. Yes, they’re expensive, but they seriously last forever and keep things cold for days. No joke!

If you spend your weekends at baseball tournaments, get one. You’ll thank me.

Savings Pro Tip: Sign up for Rakuten before making your purchase. You’ll get a $30 bonus for signing up through my exclusive link and making your first purchase – PLUS, you’ll get cash back on your purchase from YETI (and all your online shopping)!

15. Cash

Concessions, parking fees, and entry fees (if you have them) usually ONLY take cash. Take some cash with you to avoid the hassle of finding an ATM.

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Clothing Items For Your Baseball Tournament Packing List

A day at the baseball fields can present several clothing challenges. Here are some things you’ll want to have on hand to be prepared – and comfortable.

16. Jacket, Blanket, And Warm Pants

Even if it’s 80+ degrees when you leave for the tournament early in the morning, please take a jacket with you! Learn from my mistakes – I thought so many times “it’s hot, I’ll be fine!”

And I wasn’t. As soon as the sun set, I was freezing. And that doesn’t even count the days where rain or cold wind moved in.

I recommend having a few things, including:

It took me a couple of seasons to figure out the best jackets to take with me (I loved my long puffer jacket). And in the early season when it can be REALLY chilly, I wear ski pants because they’re warm and great windbreakers!

17. Winter Hat And Gloves

We have been to MANY tournaments where the weather changed drastically over the course of the day or the weekend. It might be hot early in the day and then a cold wind brings in cold temperatures or rain.

We’ve sat through games in the rain AND the snow.

The ONLY way I got through those games was because I had the warm layers I mentioned above and a winter hat and warm gloves.

18. Fresh Clothes

Have layers handy for the weather turning colder, and a change of clothes handy for hot days when you’re tired of being sweaty. If your child is on a competitive team, BOTH will come in handy!

Grab my handy checklist so you never forget an item again!

Seating And Weather Protection Items For Your Baseball Tournament Packing List

This section includes chairs and other items that will make watching the game more comfortable.

19. Stadium Chair Or Fold-up Chair

I don’t know about you, but I get uncomfortable pretty quickly when I’m sitting on something hard like bleachers. And when I get uncomfortable, I get grumpy.

It’s important to be prepared to hang out and watch your kiddos playing ball all day! This Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat will change your life.

I love that it folds flat and has convenient backpack straps for carrying. It has armrests for ultimate comfort, plus it comes in multiple colors so you. can match your team or find a color you love.

And at the beginning of the season when it’s still cold outside, you’ll want a heated stadium chair – trust me. Once the tooshie gets cold, watching baseball outside for hours is miserable.

When it gets warm outside, I prefer using a camping chair to sitting on the bleachers. I think they’re more comfortable and I can set up my sunshade canopy over it much easier.

20. Canopy or Umbrella

You may not need/want this on cool days, but it’s crucial for hot days, or rainy days! Keep cool and dry under an easy-to-put-up canopy. They are AWESOME because they literally pop up in about 5 minutes.

And if you have extra space, share with another family! I always did – we would sometimes have 4-5 families underneath. And they were always willing to help me set up and take down the canopy!

Plus, you can set it over chairs, over bleachers, off to the side, or in the outfield and move it between games, if needed, to save you from the heat.

Consider one with a single wall which helps when the sun is low in the morning or late afternoon (I always wanted one of these because tilting the canopy to block the sun just doesn’t work) and on windy days.

If you happen to live in a windy area, I recommend a set of canopy weights to put down on the feet so your canopy doesn’t blow away on very windy days. I’ve seen it happen, and the canopy was ruined. 😔

If you prefer to hang out on the bleachers while you watch, this clamp-on umbrella holder is a must-have item for tournaments!


Electronics may not be at the top of your list of things to bring to the ball field but think about taking pictures.

21. Smartphone/Camera

You’re definitely going to want to take pictures (and videos!) of your kiddo, so make sure to bring a camera with plenty of memory. You can invest in a great Canon Rebel that will take incredible game pictures.

I love to use my Canon for stills because the quality is still better than my smartphone images. However, when it comes to videos, I reach for my smartphone.

22. Extra Chargers

When you’re stuck at the field all day, a dead phone battery isn’t just a possibility, it’s a likelihood. And trust me, it’s NOT ideal on so many levels!

That’s why I LOVE this SunJack Solar Charger which can be charged outside at the game in all that sunshine you’ll likely be facing. It’s the size of a tablet and is waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof, and drop-proof!

Plus. I always carry a small portable charger or two for my kids who aren’t playing. They’ll play games with other kids at the field for a long time, but at some point, they get worn out and want to have some device time.

23. Entertainment For Younger Siblings

Tournaments don’t just last 2 or 3 or 4 hours. I have spent weekends at the fields where we have been there for 13+ hours. That’s ALL day!

I always start out letting my kids play with other kids until they reach their limit. Then it’s time for some device time so they don’t have a melt down!

sliding into base during baseball tournament

Keeping Cool & Toiletry Items For Your Baseball Tournament Packing List

24. Cooling Towels

Those hot, sweltering days can be miserable – not only for you, but also for your player standing out on the field in the sun. The day I found out about these cooling towels was LIFE CHANGING.

Keep several wet rags in a baggie in your cooler. A nice, cold hand towel will make a HUGE difference for kids and parents alike. We have shared our towels with other players countless times – and helped a few recover from heat-related problems in the process.

25. Water Bottle Or Mister

I have literally left a game before and gone to the store to find water bottles because it was so hot and the kids were so miserable (and playing and EXTRA long game). Bring along a couple of large spray bottles so everyone can spray themselves down and cool off when they need it most.

OR bring along a mister! They feel SO good on those hot days!

26. Roll Of Toilet Paper

This might sound a little weird, but I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy. From dealing with bloody noses to snotty noses to having some backup for the nasty portapotties that don’t have toilet paper.

Keep a roll with you. It’s WORTH it.

Grab my handy checklist so you never forget an item again!

Make Carting All Your Stuff Easier

27. A Large Tote

It may seem like an obvious thing to bring, but I have actually forgotten to take a baseball bag to tournaments. And I REGRETTED it. 

A nice large tote can hold your keys, wallet, hats, sunglasses, snacks, extra clothes, chargers, extra water, etc. Plus, much more! This one is one I love because it has several pockets, a keychain clip, and plenty of room!

I also love this mesh bag because any dirt that gets into the bag (and ball fields have PLENTY of dirt), falls right out!

28. Portable Wagon 

I spent 2 (I think) seasons without a wagon, and when I finally got a collapsible wagon, the difference was night and day. It carries all your stuff (I would put my canopy, tote bag, and more inside) and can hold a young whining sibling too!

Essential Traveling Items For Your Baseball Tournament Packing List

Traveling to another town or state involves bringing a few additional items.

29. Extra Uniforms

Bring along a pair or two of extra Youth Baseball Pants and jerseys. If you are staying in a hotel, pants will occasionally get a rip so it’s a good idea to have extras.

30. Laundry Detergent

If you’ll be gone longer than overnight, bring along your Fels Naptha and Sponge to get out the stains and smells of your athlete’s pants so they show up looking clean and fresh to their next games!

Here’s how to get white baseball pants clean.

These are super portable so you can wash your child’s pants in the sink or bathtub and hang them up to dry overnight.

31. Clothes Hangers

You may need to air dry uniforms, and I haven’t found hotel hangers to be up to the task. Bring along a couple of hangers so you’re always prepared.

32. Slippers or Flip-Flops

A pair of waterproof slippers are perfect for hotel travel because the floors may not be clean, the kids will likely want to go to the pool, and they can do triple-duty as shoes your kiddo can slip on to get a break from their cleats.

33. Swimsuit

If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are good that there’s a swimming pool. And if your kids are anything like mine, they can’t resist going for a swim (as a team!) in their downtime!

Grab my handy checklist so you never forget an item again!

Make Sure To Always Have These Baseball Tournament Packing List Essentials On Hand

When packing for a baseball tournament or any other kind, make sure to include these essentials in your bag!

Are there items I missed? If so, include them in the comments below.

Pro Mom Tip: IF you forget something, be gentle with yourself because there’s so much to remember (thus, the need for the wagon!). The good news is that you CAN buy most of what you need (we just don’t want to take time to go to a store or spend money we don’t need to spend!).

You got this! Play ball!

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