Why you need to make air popped popcorn today

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My family loves eating popcorn!  It’s a wonderful addition to our family movie nights on Friday nights. It has become a tradition, and the boys ask for it when we get ready to watch a movie together.

I grew up on microwave bags of popcorn – they are so easy to make.  However, they have always grossed me out.  And I can never time it just right, so they burn in the microwave and smell horrible.

And cost-wise…you definitely pay more for the convenience of microwave popcorn.

Dangers of Microwave Popcorn

But to me what’s worse than paying more is the chemicals you are ingesting (both inhaling and eating).  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are nearly 4 dozen chemicals in the steam of that piping hot popcorn. Sources for these chemicals include the buttery flavoring, the ink and the glue on the microwave bags, and the lining of the bags.

Diacetyl is the chemical in the buttery flavoring, and it’s the most concerning.  Due to public oncern over the safety of this chemical, many major microwave popcorn companies have discontinued using it. However, there are many other unnecessary chemicals still in there.

Another issue for me, as we are making changes in our diet to be healthier, is the lack of organic options.  I am selective of what I buy organic (to watch the budget), but I try to buy corn and wheat products organic to limit our pesticide exposure.

plain air popped popcorn

Several years ago I tried popping my own popcorn on the stove in oil. I wanted to get us away from the microwave bags, It wasn’t hard to pop it that way; however, it was usually a messy undertaking.  But even then I significantly preferred that over using the microwave bags.

As time went on and life got busy, I tried buying the lightly salted popcorn at Costco.  I definitely like that option better than microwaving popcorn or popping your own in oil on the stove.  However, the downsides are that it’s not organic, and it’s a huge bag which takes up way too much kitchen space.

Air Popped Popcorn – the difference and benefits:

I kept thinking that there had to be a better way! On its own, popcorn is a great healthy snack, as it’s full of fiber and low in calories.  So when prepared the right way, it’s an amazing (and delicious) food!

Then, about a year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to air poppers.  I had heard of them before but never tried them and was skeptical of them. While I was at her house one day, she made some for me.  It popped quickly, was super easy to make, easy to clean up, and tasted amazing when drizzled with a bit of avocado oil and salt!

I was in love!  Finally…a way to make a healthy snack for my family in a super easy (and fast) way!  Pair this amazing machine with your favorite reusable popcorn bags (I like these wider ones because I think they are easier with kids) for a classic family tradition.  🙂

Here’s what I love about air popping my own popcorn:

ranch flavored air popped popcorn

  • reduces the number of chemicals you and your family consume
  • ability to choose either standard or organic popcorn
  • versatile – you can flavor it any way that you prefer, and it will still be more healthy than microwave popcorn (even if you drench it in melted butter)
  • fast – it takes less than 5 minutes
  • healthy

We have been experimenting with air-popped popcorn for a while and have begun playing around with adding flavors.  Here are a couple of our favorites:

Cheesy Popcorn:

Air Pop 1/2 cup popcorn kernels.  Add 1-2 Tbsp cheese powder (available from Amazon or a local spice shop).  Shake to mix.


Ranch Popcorn:

Air pop 1/2 cup popcorn kernels.  Add 1- 1 1/2 Tbsp Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix.  Shake to mix.


Simply Salted:

Air pop 1/2 cup popcorn kernels.  Drizzle with approximately 1-2 tsp of your favorite Olive Oil or Avocado Oil.  Sprinkle 1/2-1 tsp sea salt over popcorn.  Shake to mix.

Try making your own popcorn today and take advantage of the health benefits of ditching processed and chemical-filled microwave bags!  To help you out, check out our Popcorn Package giveaway below.


Tell us in the comments: what is your favorite flavor of popcorn?


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  1. Wait, what is the air popper? A machine? I am not seeing a picture of it. Oh well…

    We made huge batches of spicy salted caramel and bacon popcorn at work on the stove top and then oven (Long name, but this in one flavor). It’s yummy!!

    • Yes, an air popper is a popcorn popping machine! But you bring up a good point that I don’t have a picture of it in the post – I have corrected that and added a picture. 🙂

  2. Our family LOVES cheddar! Great giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance!

  3. I like white cheddar

  4. You got me sold. I choose the healthy route.

  5. I bought microwave pop corn once and from the moment I saw the amount of butter in the bag. I said I will never buy it again. But I am doing it old school

    • Yes, I completely agree – the microwave stuff is disgusting on so many levels! I did it old school for a while, but now I LOVE air popping it. I love that you don’t need oil to pop it with the air popper, and it’s SO much easier and faster cleanup!

  6. I love butter on my popcorn.

  7. My favorite popcorn is extra butter

  8. My favorite flavor… Butter Butter and more BUTTER (with a tad bit of pink salt!) My good friend also had me try eating bite size Snickers and then popcorn… Oh My! She did not in any way help my waistline ;o)

  9. My favorite flavor is White Cheddar. Thanks for the yummy chance 🙂

  10. Extra butter

  11. The only flavors i have tried is carmel and butter and i like the both but would like to try other flavors

  12. My favorite popcorn flavors are caramel or kettle corn

  13. Sweet and Spicy Wasabi Popcorn

  14. My favorite is white cheddar popcorn.

  15. Buttered popcorn

  16. I like the traditional butter flavored popcorn the best.

  17. Cheddar, cinnamon sugar and lime.

  18. My favorite is kettle corn

  19. We love the white cheddar and butter flavors.

  20. I like buttered

  21. I just tried a jalapeno ranch flavored popcorn and it is now my favorite. It is so good and spicy. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  22. Mmmm, popcorn!

  23. I love cheese popcorn!

  24. My favorite popcorn flavor other than butter, is cheese flavor.

  25. I love real butter buttered popcorn, and with airpot I can be sure I get the real thing. It would be fun to try some of these flavors, too

  26. I love kettle popcorn!

  27. Butter flavor is my favorite.

  28. Regular butter and salt.

  29. I don’t have a favorite!

  30. I’m pretty simple in my popcorn taste. I like butter flavor. Extra butter!!!

  31. basic popcorn with LOTS of butter

  32. Cheddar Cheese

  33. Favorite flavor is cheese popcorn.

  34. cheese

  35. I love cheese flavored popcorn.

  36. Kettle Corn is my favorite,

  37. I love caramel and extra butter

  38. My favorite is salt with lots of butter.

  39. Ranch is my go-to favorite popcorn flavor.

  40. Just regular popcorn with lots of butter!

  41. kettle corn, as a treat.

  42. I like kettle corn.

  43. Cheese popcorn is my favorite.

  44. Cheese popcorn

  45. Extra Butter

  46. Do I have to pick a favorite? I just love popcorn! Cheese popcorn or extra butter.

  47. butter and caramel, and lots of it!!

  48. My favorite all time flavor is butter. Everything is better with butter. Thanks for this.

  49. I enjoy white cheddar popcorn.

  50. Caramel popcorn is my favorite

  51. My favorite is cheese popcorn, my whole family loves it! 🙂

  52. Debbi Wellenstein

    I like all kinds of popcorn, but my absolute favorite is caramel corn.

  53. I have always loved cheddar flavored popcorn. Yum!

  54. Salted caramel would have to be my favorite, and kettle corn a close second!

  55. I love plain popcorn with extra butter

  56. i love chedder cheese popcorn or butter popcorn

  57. Just butter and salt for me.

  58. I love good hot buttery popcorn the best but it would be great to have all of these seasonings to try.

  59. caramel give me lotsa caramel dont care if my teeth fall out!

  60. Love Caramel best💕

  61. My favorite flavor is truffle.

  62. Air popped popcorn is a good idea. It fits in perfectly with organic popcorn. I like different flavors but the standard salted is my favorite.

  63. My favorite topping would be the cheddar cheese.

  64. My favorite flavor is caramel.

  65. we love caramel corn

  66. I’m a sucker for their garlic parmesean.

  67. My favorite is kettle corn!

  68. Buttered and salt and vinegar.

  69. I love cheddar cheese popcorn!

  70. I love caramel corn; but butter is my second favorite.

  71. Butter and salt, lots of both!

  72. I like caramel corn, but that is too hard to make at home. It usually comes out rock hard or very chewy. There must be a secret to it.

  73. My favorite way to eat popcorn is lightly salted and air popped.

  74. Just butter and salt for this girl!!!! No frills.

  75. Movie theater butter popcorn is the best!

  76. Love popcorn

  77. I like buttered or kettlecorn. I quit using a microwave years ago, when I found out how unhealthy and unsafe.

  78. I hate to sound boring, but I really love just plain old butter and salt. That’s my go-to topping.

  79. Christina marie Sledge

    I love popcorn

  80. Guess who’s going to go make a batch of popcorn right now!! Wow, thanks for the great recipes to change things up!

  81. I love caramel!

  82. Ranch is my favorite popcorn flavor!

  83. Cheese

  84. I like kettle corn, no cheddar cheese, OK well both equally well.

  85. butter flavor

  86. I love lots of butter and garlic on my popcorn. Of course I like garlic on most things.

  87. Kettle for sure

  88. I really love kettle corn. The sweet and salty combo is amazing.

  89. My favorite flavor is cheddar cheese.

  90. I love White Cheddar popcorn. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  91. Butter popcorn with Valentina is my fave!

  92. My favorite flavor is cheddar cheese.

  93. salt and vinegar

    • I’ve never tried salt and vinegar popcorn, but salt and vinegar chips are my favorite! I’ll have to play around with that and try it – thank for the idea, Diana!

  94. we recently purchased an air popper. My husband is so happy too! He was the designated popcorn maker using a pot and the stove top. The air popper is sooo nice!

  95. I like cheddar cheese.

  96. I love Kettle Popcorn too! Thanks for the info!

  97. I love kettle corn.

  98. I like just plain popcorn with butter on it.

  99. My favorite flavor of popcorn is simply salted.

  100. I didnt like the taste of the microwave pop corn. I still do it the classic way in a pot on the stove

  101. I don’t own an air popper but I’ve heard good things about them. I don’t buy microwave popcorn though. Homemade popcorn is the way to go. I pop it on the stove in a 5 qt pot with a clear lid. I add about 1 tbsp of either coconut oil or avocado oil, and just move it a little while it’s popping. My kids love popcorn and they really enjoy watching it pop. Great topping suggestions, Kerrygold butter is delicious too.

  102. cant wait to try that air popped popcorn.
    i think im going to love this as im a popcorn lover during movie time

  103. Great informations, i think i will stop microwave bags of popcorn. Thats awesome you can change flavors, i will try one these flavors soon :))!!

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