Easy Pet Rocks Craft Idea For Kids

Our easy Pet Rocks Craft is a unique and creative way to spark creativity in your children. They will love the process of collecting, painting, naming, and caring for their new companion!

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If you can remember back as far as me, you will remember that mood rings and pet rocks were all the rage….all at the same time!

And of course, my mom and dad were not all about buying either one for me. 😆 I totally get it now that I’m a parent, but back then I was so sad. Back then pet rocks even came in their own little houses….aka tiny wooden boxes. LOL

Well, apparently pet rocks are still a thing but what’s great about them nowadays is that your kids can be totally involved from start to finish. And all you really need to purchase is a few craft supplies.

(talk about cheap!)

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Take an hour to go outside and collect the perfect size and shaped rocks. Once the kids have found their new pet, let their creativity kick in and HAVE FUN!

The fun doesn’t end after they have painted and created their new pets. Now your kiddos will want to name their pet and possibly even make a bed or house for them. 😉

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Materials Needed For Our Easy Pet Rocks Craft

  • Rocks – any size or shape, but a smooth surface works best
  • Acrylic Paint – paint pens are also an option in assorted colors
  • Paint Brushes – smaller paintbrushes with smaller tips work best for little hands
  • Googly Craft Eyes
  • Glue – craft glue is the best option
  • Mod Podge – can use as a glue, sealer, and finish for your craft projects
pet rocks supplies needed

How to Make This Easy Pet Rocks Craft

Here are the super simple steps to complete your pet rocks craft!

Step 1

Begin by washing the rocks and making sure that all the dirt is removed. Let them dry completely

Step 2

Now apply a base color, any color you choose, to the entire surface of the rock and allow it to dry completely.

pet rocks process image

Step 3

Glue the googly eyes onto your rocks.

Step 4

Apply a thin, even coat of Mod Podge with a paintbrush to the surface of the rock. Avoid brushing the Mod Podge over the eyes. Let dry completely.

painted pet rock

Step 5

Now is the time to create your pet rock and make it uniquely special. Add designs, wings, hair, a mask, or whatever you choose.

painted pet rock craft example

Step 6

Your pet rock is complete! 🙂

finished pet rocks craft idea

Easy Pet Rocks Crafts Notes And Tips

  • Before you begin painting, cover your workstation with large piece of craft paper, newspaper or cardboard. Anything to protect your workspace.
  • I highly recommend that your child wear a smock, paint shirt or old clothes that you don’t mind if paint gets on them. The paint will not come out.
  • Acrylic paint can be removed by scrubbing with water, but still harder to clean up than watercolor paints. Acrylic paint will stay on your pet rock longer even if you plan to put them outside or where it will be exposed to weather and water. Keep in mind that even acrylic paint will start to come off if exposed to the outside elements.

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  • Generally I would recommend a hot glue gun for this type of craft project, but only if an adult is around to monitor when small children are working on this project.
  • Disclaimer/Warning: Googly eyes are fun and cute on your craft project but please be aware that if you are using them around small children, they may be likely to put them in their mouth. Even after being glued on, they are prone to popping back off. I would recommend using paint pens or a permanent marker to the eyes on if this is a worry for you and the kiddos.
pet rocks

Variations To Try On Your Easy Pet Rocks Craft

There are so many different ways to personalize your pet rocks craft!

  • Make them into your favorite animal, superheroe, or movie character. Minions are super cute, wouldn’t you agree?!?! Or what about a Superman logo or a frog face?
  • Add hair, wings, fins, a mask or fun clothes. The possibilities are literally endless. Let your kids use their imaginations and see what happens.
painted pet rocks


What kind of paint can I use on my pet rocks craft?

The best type of paint to use on these pet rocks crafts is acrylic. It will last longer especially if you plan to put your rocks outside. Acrylic paint will not come out of clothing so be careful when using it.

Do you need to prime the rocks before painting?

That is totally up to you. There are benefits to priming the rocks before you paint them. Primer will allow the paint to stick to the rock better and you will not need as many layers of paint.

Also, the primer will give the paint a clear, crisp, and bold color.

Should I seal my pet rocks craft and if so, how?

Acrylic paint is water-based and will eventually wash/wear off. If you want to keep your pet rocks in great condition, seal them with something like Mod Podge or a spray sealer.

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What do children learn from painting rocks?

Children will learn how to control the paintbrush and the application of the paint while using fine motor skills to hold the rock and paintbrush. They will also be strengthening their eye-hand coordination.

This will help with focus and fine motor skills when they begin writing.

What can I do with my pet rocks?

Well, first you might want to give it a special and meaningful name. You could make it a home out of a small box or a bed to rest in. Also, you might want to give it a bath occasionally…….or at least run a dust cloth over him/her. 😉

painted pet rocks

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Easy Pet Rocks Craft Idea For Kids

Easy Pet Rocks Craft Idea For Kids

Let the kids have a blast making this fun and easy pet rocks craft idea. Their imagination will kick into super drive!


  • Rocks - any size or shape, smooth 
  • Acrylic Paint and/or Paint Pens
  • Paintbrushes
  • Googly Craft Eyes
  • Glue 
  • Mod Podge


  1. Wash rocks to remove any dirt and dry completely.
  2. Apply base color of paint to entire surface of the rock and let dry.
  3. Glue on googly craft eyes.
  4. Use paint brush to apple a thin, even layer of mod podge to the surface of the rock and let dry. Do NOT apply the mod podge over the googly eyes.
  5. Add any additional design to make your pet rock unique and special.
  6. . Your pet rock is ready!

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