Summer Bingo Printable Game: Fun Boredom Buster for Kids

Summer is here, and it’s time to create memories and have fun with your friends and family! One fantastic way to enjoy the sunny season is by playing Summer Bingo, an entertaining and low-prep activity perfect for all ages! You’ll soon find that this interactive fun game is not only a boredom-buster but also a delightful way to spend time together.

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Whether you’re running a summer camp or day camp or planning a playdate, family gathering, neighborhood get-together, or simply looking for a way to pass the time on a rainy day, Summer Bingo is the answer.

As you prepare your Summer Bingo game, remember that this activity is all about having fun and enjoying the company of others. So grab your cards, choose your markers, and get ready to create delightful memories while shouting “Bingo!” under the warm summer sun ☀️ (or while sitting under a tree in the shade!).

Love Bingo? So do we! We have several more varieties – check them out!

Summer Bingo Game – A Boredom Buster

Bingo Basics

Summer bingo is a fantastic way to keep your kids entertained during those long, hot summer days. This classic game is easy to play, making it perfect for children of all ages. To start, you’ll need this set of bingo cards and the accompanying calling cards.

The objective of the game is simple: be the first one to complete a row, column, or diagonal of five squares.

The caller randomly selects a summer-themed card and announces it to the players. If the called item is on your bingo card, place a marker on the corresponding square. When you have a winning line, shout “Bingo!” and celebrate your victory!

Summer Bingo Variations

To make the game more exciting, you can add variations to the traditional rules. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Blackout Bingo: In this version, players must fill all 25 squares on their bingo card in order to win. This makes the game last longer, giving your kids extra entertainment.
  • Word Bingo: Instead of using pictures, use summer-themed words on the bingo cards and calling cards. This can be great practice for kids learning to read.
  • Reverse Bingo: Flip the game on its head with reverse bingo. The caller selects a card and players remove a marker from the corresponding square (if they have one). The goal is to be the first player to empty their bingo card.

Remember, the key to a successful summer bingo game is to include elements that appeal to your children and make it fun for everyone!

Preparing Summer Bingo Cards

Materials and Tools

To prepare for your summer bingo game, you will need the following:

  • Printable bingo cards: I’ve created this set especially for you, and it’s filled with fun and colorful summertime images.
  • Tokens or markers: Items such as colored pom poms, small pebbles, or seashells can be used as tokens to mark squares on the bingo cards. Candy options like Skittles or jelly beans can also be a fun choice (but we stay away from those in our house).
  • Call cards: These cards have all the pictures found on the bingo sheets and are used to draw images during the game. I recommend cutting them out and laminating them before playing.

Setting Up the Game

Here is a simple setup process for your summer bingo game:

  1. Print bingo cards: Print out the summer bingo cards. You can even laminate them if you’d like to reuse them later.
  2. Hand out bingo cards: Give each player a bingo card, making sure those sitting next to each other have different cards.
  3. Choose a caller: Select a person to be the caller, responsible for drawing the images from the call cards bowl and announcing them to the players.
  4. Prepare tokens or markers: Provide each player with a set of tokens or markers to cover the pictures on their cards as they are called.
  5. Explain the rules: Briefly go over the rules and objective of the game: to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of marked pictures on the bingo card.

Now your summer bingo game is ready to play! Enjoy a friendly and engaging activity that makes your summer gatherings even more memorable.

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How to Play Summer Bingo

Summer Bingo is a fun and engaging activity for the entire family! This game is perfect for car rides, vacations, or lazy afternoons during the summer months. In this section, we’ll cover the game rules and some variations of Summer Bingo.

Game Rules

  1. Prepare the materials: First things first – print out these printable bingo cards. You’ll also need a set of calling cards (cut out from the page) for the caller to use.
  2. Choose tokens: As you play, you’ll need to place tokens on the squares of your bingo card when a corresponding picture is called. Some token options include candy (like Skittles or jelly beans), seashells, pebbles, or colored pom-poms. Choose whatever option is most convenient and appealing to you and your family.
  3. Assign a caller: One person will be responsible for drawing calling cards from a container and announcing the picture. Make sure the caller shows the picture to all players so everyone can see if they have a matching image on their bingo card.
  4. Play the game: Each player listens for the called pictures and places a token on their card if they have a match. The winner is the first person to complete a full row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and shout “BINGO!”


  • Black and White: If you don’t have access to a color printer, print black and white versions of the bingo cards instead. The game will still be exciting and challenging, just without the vibrant colors.
  • Prize options: To make the game even more enticing, consider offering small prizes for the winners. These can be simple, like pieces of candy or small trinkets, or more extravagant, like a special treat or privilege during a vacation.
  • Switching roles: To keep things interesting and allow everyone a chance to play different roles, rotate the caller role after each game. This way, everyone gets a chance to experience both playing and calling the game.

Incorporating these rules and variations into your Summer Bingo game will ensure a fun and engaging time for everyone. Remember to stay friendly and keep the game lighthearted—you’re creating memories with your loved ones during those warm summer days!

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Different Forms of Bingo

Summer Bingo is fun, but the fun doesn’t have to end there! Check out these other versions too!

Birthday Bingo: Celebrating a summer birthday? Create a bingo game featuring the birthday kid’s favorite things, such as animals, characters, or hobbies. This adds a personal touch to the game and makes it more engaging for everyone attending the party.

Camping Bingo: If you’re heading outdoors for a summer adventure, camping bingo is perfect. Fill the boards with camping-related items like tents, campfires, and marshmallows. The game can even serve as an icebreaker for new campers or simply an enjoyable activity during downtime.

Pool Party Bingo: Make a splash with pool-themed bingo. Customize the boards with images of pool toys, floats, and refreshing summer treats. This is an excellent addition to any poolside gathering and keeps guests entertained as they compete to be the first to yell “Bingo!”

Feel free to mix and match these summer bingo ideas or even create your own unique combinations based on seasons or events. For instance, you could adapt the game for fall, winter, or spring-themed activities.

The possibilities are endless, allowing you and your group to enjoy endless hours of fun-filled bingo entertainment. Remember to keep it friendly and engaging for all players, whether they’re experienced bingo enthusiasts or trying it for the first time. Happy playing!

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Summer Bingo FAQs

What are some fun summer-themed bingo ideas for kids?

You can create a summer-themed bingo game by using images of popular summer items, like sunglasses, flip-flops, ice cream cones, sun hats, and beach balls. You can also incorporate summer-related activities like swimming, barbecues, and camping in the images. Customize bingo cards to match the theme and use small beach-themed trinkets or colorful markers as bingo chips.

Are there any variations of summer bingo for adults?

Yes, adults can enjoy summer bingo too! Consider hosting a poolside or beach-themed bingo night with friends and family. Don’t forget to offer fun summer-themed prizes, like a tropical-scented candle, a beach towel, or a cocktail-making kit, to the winners.

Where can I find summer bingo cards?

You can find a beautiful, fun set of summer bingo cards right here!

What are some alternative games similar to summer bingo?

If you’re looking for more summer-inspired games, consider these alternatives:
Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of summer-themed items or tasks for players to find and complete around the party area, park, or beach.
Beach Ball Toss: Have players toss a beach ball back and forth, trying to keep it from touching the ground.
Water Balloon Dodgeball: Fill balloons with water and play a friendly game of dodgeball – the summer twist is that you’ll get wet and refreshed!
Flip Flop Match: Hide several pairs of different colored flip-flops around the playing area and challenge players to find and match the pairs in the shortest time.

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Remember to keep it friendly and enjoyable, and of course, have fun in the sun!

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