Valentine’s Day Bingo Game (Free Printable Cards!)

One of the best Valentine’s Day activities with kids is Valentine’s Day Bingo! This free printable Valentine’s Day Bingo game offers adorable game boards plus one calling card for you to print and play right away! It’s perfect to play at home, at a kids’ party, or at the Valentine’s Day school party!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

As a room mom in my son’s classroom, part of my job is to plan, organize, and run the Valentine’s Day class party. Learn even more about how I run Valentine’s Day parties and get more great activity ideas too!

I’ve tried many different activities over the years, but without fail, the biggest hit every year is Valentine’s Day Bingo!

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Valentine’s Day Bingo: A Crowd Favorite

My kids love to play a game of bingo! I think the appeal is the element of luck – and the reward of winning!

After several years of playing Valentine’s Day bingo at class parties, I can say without a doubt that this game NEVER fails to entertain and bring some laughs from the kids!

Since I didn’t already have a set, I got to work making one of my own!  

Since it’s such a big hit EVERY time, I wanted to share this game with you to make your party planning quick and painless – and it even comes with calling cards and game pieces!

This free printable Valentine’s Day Bingo is a breeze to print out and play, and it’s ideal for kids of all ages because all the squares are cute Valentine’s Day images!

Pro Tip: this free Valentine bingo printable is perfect for playing anytime you want – don’t just limit it to classroom parties! Try playing it at home on family game night while you enjoy a Dessert Charcuterie Board or some delicious Valentine Cake Pops!

Valentine’s Day Bingo As Part Of A Fun Party

I believe there’s a trick to finding that great balance between games and crafts to provide lots of fun in classroom parties.  Bingo is a great stationary game, and kids LOVE it!

Combine it with these Valentine’s Day Activities and Adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids for a winning classroom party formula!

Need some valentines that are great for boys AND girls? Grab these cute monster valentines!

How To Make Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

This set has 4 different bingo game cards and 1 calling card, and you can grab it as a free download! It’s perfect for playing in small groups – or teams!

What You’ll Need

Grab these free Valentine’s Bingo printables and other activities that will have kids laughing and having a great time! Click the image below to get yours. 👇👇 **Please note this fun game printable is for personal use only.

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How To Prepare Your Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

Because I know from experience just how crazy this time of year can be, I’ve designed this activity to be super easy (and NOT time-consuming) for you to provide a fun activity!

All files are in PDF format and designed so that they’re easy to print.

  1. Print out your Valentine’s Day Bingo printable cards (4 unique cards, 1 calling card, and 1 marker pieces card)
  2. Take 10 minutes to laminate the different Bingo cards (it’s worth it!)
  3. Cut out the images from the Valentine’s Day bingo calling card and add them to a bowl, pouch, or hat so you can pull images out randomly
  4. Gather the items you want to use as bingo markers (see note below)
  5. Gather your prizes
  6. Start playing!

Valentine’s Day Bingo Printable Tips

I recommend printing these Valentines Day Bingo cards on cardstock paper (if you have it)!

If you plan to cut up the calling card, you don’t need to laminate it before cutting. But I DO recommend laminating the individual images after you’ve cut them out!

You can skip the game pieces if you want to and use other items instead such as Hershey Kisses, pompoms, Bingo chips, Valentine’s day erasers, etc.  Or use Conversation Hearts!

For best results DO laminate all the unique Bingo cards if you can. It makes the cards MUCH more durable so you can use them over and over again for years (it’s a great time saver!)

Grab this free Valentine’s Bingo card set printable and other activities that will have kids laughing and having a great time! Click the image below to get yours. 👇👇

How To Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

I’ve included the calling options on the first card. To play this fun Valentine’s Day game:

  1. Give each child a Valentine’s Day bingo game board.
  2. Call a picture (no matter which way you “draw” it).
  3. Each child puts a marker on their boards on top of the image you called out. For example, if you called out “orange monster”, every child playing would use a bingo marker to cover up the square on their board that has an orange monster on it.
  4. Whoever has 5 in a row (and calls out BINGO) first wins that round!
  5. Give the Valentines Bingo winner a prize 😁

Pro Tip: If you’re playing this game for a classroom Valentine’s Day party, I recommend playing this game in small groups. That way, the 4 game cards will work for everyone.

However, if you want to play this game with a large group (like a youth group or entire class), grab my large set of Valentine’s Day Bingo cards. It comes with 20 different cards with cute images and Bingo caller cards.

NOTE: Our free printable Valentine Bingo cards also make a fun family game night of Valentine’s Day fun with young children and older kids too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

More Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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Grab these free printables with traditional Bingo and other activities that will have kids laughing and having a great time! Click the image below to get yours. 👇👇

Valentine's Day freebie banner

More Bingo Fun

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