25+ Easy Ideas For Dr. Seuss Snacks Kids Love

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with these fun (and delicious!) recipes inspired by his books and characters! These Dr. Seuss snacks are all super easy to make if you want to add a fun treat to the celebration, so you can use them to get the kids to help in the kitchen!

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Dr. Seuss is the provider of millions of happy childhood memories and many of us are among the kids who have enjoyed his stories and characters for most (or all) of our lives.

Now it’s our kids’ turn to build similar memories, and we simply can’t deny them their rights!

Every year on March 2nd, schools and families around the country celebrate his life and work. You can see school-age children all over doing fun Dr. Seuss activities such as coloring pages while reading his stories and enjoying Dr. Seuss-inspired recipes.

Now you can celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, National Read Across America Day, or his wonderful books yourself with these creative Dr. Seuss-inspired recipes for kids.

His books are so imaginative, and so are these themed recipes. We’ve got everything from Dr. Seuss snacks to drinks and sweet treats.

These Dr. Seuss food ideas are all perfect for parties and entertaining the kids!

25+ Dr. Seuss Snacks And Treats For Kids

I’ve collected my favorite tasty snacks from bloggers everywhere to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s books! Most of these recipes are SUPER easy, so you don’t need to be an experienced cook to make them.

One thing is for sure: young kids (and older ones too) will love these fun ideas, so expect them to disappear quickly!

1. Cat In The Hat DIY Marshmallow Cookies from Made In A Pinch

These cookies are so cute – and simple to make! Using Oreos and colored candy-covered marshmallows, these cookies come together very quickly. And the kids can help make this easy Dr. Seuss food!

Dr. Seuss cat in the hat snack cookie

2. Cat In The Hat Cookies from Made To Be A Momma

Fancy a quick and fun snack idea that’s a Cat in the Hat twist on fruit kabobs sure to please the kids? If you need easy Dr. Seuss Snacks, try this perfect treat that you can make quickly with just a few ingredients.

cat in the hat cookies

3. Dr. Seuss Green Eggs And Ham Cookies from Oh My Creative

Green Eggs and Ham is a classic that kids of all ages love. A plate with some adorable green eggs and ham cookies might just get the kids in the mood for reading some Dr. Seuss stories. These green egg cookies are also perfect for themed birthday parties!

green eggs and ham cookies

4. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax Jello Snack For Kids from The Homespun Hydrangea

These Lorax jello snacks are adorable and make an easy treat the kids will enjoy any time of the day. This Dr. Seuss-themed food is adorable and delicious!

lorax jello snacks

5. Dr. Seuss Healthy Pink Ink Drink from Mom Endeavors

When you combine a healthy treat with a story the kids will be more inclined to try it. Make a healthy pink ink drink and enjoy it with the children while reading them One Fish, Two Fish.

pink ink drink

6. Dr. Seuss Lorax’s Truffula Tree Treats from Made In A Pinch

The trees! The trees! Those Truffula trees! These covered marshmallows Dr. Seuss snack ideas will delight any child with their adorable appearance and their irresistible taste!

Truffula trees

7. Dye-Free Green Eggs & Ham from The Food Charlatan

No list of Dr. Seuss food ideas is complete without green eggs and ham!

If the idea of using food coloring in your child’s food bothers you try this dye-free green eggs & ham recipe for a healthy Dr. Seuss food idea. The green color is from spinach so it’s 100% natural. Even healthy treats can be fun and delicious!

dye free green eggs and ham

8. Dr. Seuss Lorax Pretzels Recipe from The Country Chic Cottage

The kids will jump to try these adorable Lorax pretzels that are perfect for a Dr. Seuss reading challenge or celebrating his birthday. They can be quickly made with square pretzels and colored candy melts which means no cooking or baking is needed.

lorax pretzel recipe

9. Grinch Fudge from Made in a Pinch

This easy, no-bake treat is a staple at the holidays, but it’s also a fun Dr. Seuss Day treat and perfect for serving at school!

Grinch fudge

10. Cat In The Hat Cupcakes Recipe from The Inspiration Edit

Are you hosting a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party for your little one? Then you need a fun Cat in the Hat snack recipe to serve! These cupcakes use easy peasy red lifesavers and will be loved by all the kids and they can be paired with fun Dr. Seuss activities.

Tip: works with waffle cones too

11. Dr. Seuss Snack Ideas from Crazy For Crust

You’ll find even more amazing Dr. Seuss treat ideas for your themed party in this post. They look adorable and I am sure there won’t be any leftovers!

12. Lorax Orange Lemonade Mocktail from 3 Boys And A Dog

What better way to watch the classic Lorax movie with the kids than to pair it with a refreshing Lorax orange lemonade mocktail. Transform ordinary orange juice into something extraordinary that the whole family will love!

dr seuss lemonade mocktail

13. Dr. Seuss Inspired 1 Fish 2 Fish Rice Krispy Treats from Made In A Pinch

Rice Krispie treats have never looked so good! Kids will love these treats – and you’ll love how easy they are to make with goldfish crackers. I love Dr. Seuss snacks like this idea that are almost too cute to eat!

Try enjoying them while reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

1 fish 2 fish rice krispies

I’m sure the kids won’t say no to these colorful green eggs & ham themed cupcakes. Even if you never baked cupcakes before these are easy to make since they use chocolate fudge cake mix. Decorating them with icing and fondant will be a blast!

dr seuss green eggs and ham cupcakes

15. Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Dessert Idea from The Best Ideas For Kids

Are your kids bored on a rainy day? Make some easy cat in the hat stacked treats and enjoy reading the story to your kids while the bad weather passes.

cat in the hat dessert

16. Oh The Places You’ll Go Dr. Seuss Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit

If there’s a treat that can get the kids excited about Dr. Seuss’s stories it’s definitely this one. These pastel-colored cupcakes Dr. Seuss snacks are filled with sprinkles for an eye-catching snack your children will jump to try!

oh the places you'll go dr seuss cupcakes

17. Grinch Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Made In A Pinch

These strawberries may be dressed up for Christmas, but they’ll taste just as yummy any time of the year! Aren’t they adorable? And the good news is that these Dr. Seuss party food ideas are super easy to make!

Grinch chocolate-covered strawberries

18. Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Mocktail Recipe from 3 Boys And A Dog

The kids’ favorite hat-wearing cat inspired a gorgeous mocktail recipe! It’s made with soda and sprinkles so you can whip it up quickly when you need a nice treat for your children.

cat in the hat mocktail

19. Candy Popcorn Recipe from Saving Dollars And Sense

Little fans of the popular One Fish, Two Fish will jump for joy if you decide to make them this colorful candy popcorn recipe inspired by the story. This one is a healthy and yummy snack compared to some of the Dr. Seuss-themed snacks on this list!

1 fish 2 fish candy popcorn

20. Grinch Popcorn from Made in a Pinch

Speaking of healthy Dr. Seuss snacks, check out this Grinch popcorn! Dyed popcorn with green M&Ms and red candy hearts make this easy snack festive and delicious!

grinch popcorn in a bowl

21. Dr. Seuss Cupcakes from Meaningful Mama

Thing 1 and Thing 2 is another well-loved story by Dr. Seuss and making some themed cupcakes is a great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday while exploring his literature with the kids.

thing 1 thing 2 cupcakes

22. Thing 1 And Thing 2 Dr. Seuss Cupcake Push Pops from The Country Chic Cottage

You can make Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes even more exciting by turning them into a push pop treat. They will surely put a smile on your child’s face!

thing 1 thing 2 cupcake push pops

23. Grinch Rice Krispies Treats: Lazy Moms Version from Made In A Pinch

And the grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes…make these easy candy-coated rice krispie treats and don’t forget the heart! Kids delight in Dr. Seuss-inspired recipes like this one!

grinch rice krispie treats

24. Put Me In The Zoo Rice Krispies Treats from She Saved

Put Me In The Zoo is a fun read the kids will love but so are these darling Rice Krispies treats. Rice Krispies treats are super easy to make and you can try other themes using the same method.

put me in the zoo rice krispies treats

25. Dr. Seuss-Inspired Recipes: Cupcakes from Frugal Coupon Living

How great are these cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss party idea? There’s nothing like a super colorful treat to make the kids happy! You can use these cute cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss-themed party, and they will surely be a hit.

1 fish 2 fish cupcakes

26. The Grinch Smoothie Recipe For Kids from Rainy Day Mum

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is the perfect read for the young ones during the holiday season. Make it even more exciting with a healthy but tasty Grinch-inspired smoothie full of hidden greens and other natural ingredients.

Smoothies make easy after-school snacks – and healthy snacks for any time of the day!

grinch smoothie

27. The Lorax Marshmallow Pops from Divine Lifestyle

Marshmallow pops are a really fun Dr. Seuss treat for the kids, and they’re even more fun if they look like the awesome Lorax!

Your children will have a blast eating them and you can always pair these treats with the Lorax movie or story for an entertaining activity.

lorax pops

I hope you were able to find some Dr. Seuss-inspired recipes in this list that your kids (or kids’ class) will love! Have fun celebrating the life and works of a man who has been entertaining and inspiring children for decades!

28. 3-Ingredient Grinch Punch Mocktail Dr. Seuss-Inspired Recipe from Made In A Pinch

You only need 3 ingredients (soda, Cool Whip, and Sherbert) to make this adorable, festive, and DELICIOUS drink that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Grinch punch in a glass

I hope you can use these ideas during Dr. Seuss week while you enjoy your favorite Dr. Seuss books and a fun Dr Seuss snack or two! And feel free to combine these fun recipes with a Dr. Seuss craft for the ultimate experience!

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